Yakezie Thursday

Yakezie Thursday

YakezieI’m moving on up or down, however you look at it, in the Alexa rankings. I’m at 230,000 so I’m getting closer to my ultimate goal of 200,000.Thanks for visiting and reading. And thank you to all of you that downloaded the Alexa Toolbar. If you enjoy my site be sure to leave a review, I really appreciate it. 

Be sure to enter to win a pair of entertainment books. The drawing ends tomorrow night so hurry up and enter. 

Now on to the Yakezie: 

@ Frugal Confessions Restaurant Hacks: Your Money Saving Guide To Discount Dining 

Title says it all. This guide does help you save money. I promise, so check it out 

@DeliverAwayDebt How to Pay Off Debt Fast 

Jeff wrote this great post about getting out of debt. It’s a pretty long read but he does a great job of separating it for a quick read :) 

@FinEngr Interview: How To Be A Fierce Competitor (Part I) 

I really liked this interview with the author, very informative. I can’t wait for part 2 

@EveryDayFinance Charitable Contributions – Avoid being Ripped Off 

Don’t give to those you’ve never heard of because they may just put that money into their own pockets. Read this post to keep safe. 

@ExtremeJacob Early Retirement Extreme Forums 

Jacob announces his new forums which I think are a great edition to his website. I’m going to visit them often. Go register. 

@UltMoneyBlog Yakezie Carnival 

Mrs. Money did a great job with the Yakezie Carnival. Check it out and see some great posts from all of the Yakezie.

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  • Congratulations on being so close to your Alexa ranking goal!!! I wish you the best in superseding your goal in the very near future.


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