Yakezie Thursday

Yakezie Thursday 7/15/10

YakezieIt’s been an OK week as far as my rankings. I haven’t really gone negative in my rankings  so that’s good. If you enjoy my blog be sure to tell your friends about it and be sure to check out my:

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@FinancialSamura An Inside Look At The Yakezie: Stage One Recap!

The official deadline is over and the Yakezie challenge will move onto a new level. Sam summarizes the history of the Yakezie challenge and what there’s to look forward to in the future. Of course moving up in the Alexa rankings will always be our goal so please continue to tell your friends about my blog:)

@EDayTipsThought Comparing Spending Habits of Different Generations

Kris does a great job of bringing  up how we got to our bad habits from the good habits of frugality that our ancestors had.

@ Frugal Confessions Money Saving Tips: 8 Cheap Tools You Want To Own

All of these items should be in a toolkit in everyones home.

@LenPenzo A Clever Consumer Trick for Ensuring Smart Spending Decisions (No, Not ‘Eeenie Meenie Chili Beanie’)

I will say this method makes a lot of sense to use and I am a fan of it but I’m still evaluating if it’s right for me. Check it out to see if it’s right for you.

@JonDeGroff Meet the Average Person

It’s like an addiction, once you accept it you can heal yourself. Don’t be average.


@RainyDaySaver No Vacation With the ‘Rents This Year — and a Giveaway

@Bucksome It’s My Party and You Can Win the Presents

@CanadianFinance Canadian Finance Blog Survey And Giveaway!

@RoshawnWatson My Bday Giveaway, Yakezie Round up, and Uncommon Money News (Vol. 102)

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  • This is so awesome you put together this wrap every Thursday. Well done! The team looks forward to your contribution at Yakezie.com as a Member Poster!



    • And I look forward to making contributions. I’m really excited about the new site and can’t wait

  • Thanks for including my giveaway.

  • Thanks for the link! It’s been interesting with the survey, nice to see what people want!


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