Yakezie Thursday

Yakezie Thursday 7/1/10

YakezieThank you so much everyone. I reached my goal of 300,000. At last glance I was at 299,560. It was a great run and I thank all of you for helping.

Of course I’m still looking forward to going up in the ranks so please keep visiting:) . I hope you’ve been enjoying my posts because I’ve been enjoying your comments.

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Once again thank you for reading and I plan a lot of new things in the soon to be future so stay tuned. Here are the Yakezie:

@Bucksome A Restaurant with Only Suggested Prices

I think these restaurants are great for society and there should be more of them. I also know there probably won’t be more of them because a lot of people will take advantage of them and that’s sad.

@CanadianFinance Capitalizing on Limitations

This is a great post about how limitations actually make us more efficient. This really changed my thinking. Go check it out.

@PFbythebook How to Get Personal Finance Taught in a Public High School

I think this is great. Joe shows us how he was able to have personal finance added to the curriculum at a local high school. Every high school should have PF classes in them.

@Monevator No more mcjobs or, why I don’t work 9-5 any more

I’m not even going to explain this one. Just read it and you’ll like it.

Here are a couple of posts that have some tips that are relevant for this 4th of July weekend.

@NewCarCoach Save on gas – 11 extreme tips

@Flexo Driving With Just Your Big Toe

@Arohan Soothing Your Sunburn – Home Remedies

And a big thanks to @MaximizingMoney for making a huge list of Twitter accounts of personal finance blogs. Be sure you check it out and of course follow me as well @FinanciallyPoor

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