Yakezie Thursday

Yakezie Thursday 6/24/10

YakezieThank you everyone for reading and welcome to another edition of Yakezie Thursday. I’m getting really close to my July 4th goal of 300,000. I’m currently at 356,428, so just a little more to go. If you haven’t yet, go download the Alexa Toolbar and keep visiting my blog:) Also, be sure to get Weekly Updates sent to you and you will also get the opportunity to be in exclusive giveaways. Now check out the Yakezie:

@ Narrow Bridge How IPOs Work: Tesla Motors Case Study

I really want to get into buying IPO’s. This is a great post on them. If you had bought Google’s IPO you would be very, very, very rich. But of course there are IPO’s that suck.

@Bucksome eBay Sales Woes

I’ve never sold electronics, just books, so thankfully I’ve never had this problem. Just goes to show you that everyone isn’t easy to work with.

@GrlRedBalloon Delayed gratification

I’m really liking Red’s blog. This is another great post about delaying gratification on some of the bigger purchases in life. I’m not a fan of debt also but some mountains are really hard to climb, like buying a house. That would be a really big goal to accomplish and it would be nice if I had the chutzpah to do that. Best of luck to her.

@ExtremeJacob Are budgets required or just a good idea?

I’m really starting to think over this question. Jacob does a good job of making a case for not using one.

@MoneyFunk How to Control Emotional Spending

I’m a big believer that emotions can always be controlled…ALWAYS. Christine does a great job of teaching you to control your emotions.

@DeliverAwayDebt Penalties for Failure to Pay Federal Taxes

The Feds can really get you if you mess up. Be sure to prepare yourself with what to expect.

@PFJourney Carnival of Personal Finance #262: 80s TV Edition

My girlfriend is a big Golden Girls fan so this weeks carnival made me think of her. Go check it out…P.S. I’m in it :)

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  • Thanks for the mention. “Chutzpah” – nice word! :)

    • Yea, I got it from Seinfeld

  • Only 36,000 left to go! Whoo hoo!

    • I know it feels great. Thanks for starting this challenge.

      • Wow, 2 months later and you are at 130k! How did you get that low, so fast! Congrats though!

        • A lot of work. Thanks for the Congrats


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