Yakezie Thursday

Yakezie Thursday 6/10/10


Thank you everyone for helping me up the Alexa rankings. I’m now at 487,722 and moving fast. I’m very close to my goal of 450,000 by July 4th. Thanks so much for all of your help, I really appreciate it. Keep it up :)

Now, on to the other Yakezie.

@PFbythebook – How Learning to Say “No” Will Help Your Life and Your Finances

This is a great post about how being a person that can’t say no is based on something deep down inside you like fear.

@RainyDaySaver – Carnival of Personal Finance #260: Forces of Nature Edition and Manicures and Pedicures At Home

Rainy Day Saver is the host of this weeks carnival. Go check it out to see many great posts from around the PF world, including mine :) . The second post is about how to give yourself a mani or a pedi (I picked that up from TV) to save money. I’ll be sure to pass this on to my girlfriend or maybe even do some of this for my girlfriend as a treat.

@CentsibleLife – Kids and Sharing: Tips and wise words from a 4 year old

 I love the video of Kelly’s son Aiden…very precious. Also in the post are great tips to help you teach your kids to share.

@PFFirewall – 60 Ways To Feel Luxurious Without The Price Tag

This is a great list of different thing you can do on the cheap that make you feel god. I love them and plan on doing many of them.

@MoreStyleTCash – 7 Great (Semi) Inexpensive Things That Every Stylish Woman Should Own

Because I am from the male demographic I try and help out my female readers by pointing to some great posts around the PF world specifically for you and this is one of them. The title says it all. Check it out.

@deliverawaydebt – The Mega Money Tip List – 600 Money Saving Tips

Jeff did a wonderful job making a big list of tips from all of the members of the Yakezie challenge. Be sure to check it out and gain a lot of knowledge.

@MoneyCrush – Why a Thousand Dollar Emergency Fund?

This article gives you a perspective on why an emergency fund is necessary and why even $1000 can help.

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  • Man, you are moving up fast! I need to step my game up to get past you by July 4. That heat you feel is me yapping at your heels.


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