Yakezie Thursday

Yakezie Thursday

YakezieI’m sad to say this is going to be the last Yakezie thursday here at FinanciallyPoor.com. However, I’m just combining it with Friday Night Likes so I can make room for a new type of post I’m going to be doing. So starting next Friday there’s going to be a Yakezie section in the Friday Night Likes. This will not mean I’m going to be having less links, it just means I’m adding one to the other so there will be twice as many links on Friday. It just seemed redundant (I’m pretty sure that’s the word I’m looking for) to have 2 link roundups.
Anyways, Alexa’s counter is broken so my ranking has been stuck at 174,727 for the past week so I’m hoping for a big gain when it gets fixed. Thank you for everyone for helping me up the rankings and I hope you keep enjoying my posts.
On to the Yakezie:

@BlackBudgets Putting Your House on the Market, a Series: Introduction

This looks like it’s going to be a great series for those of you trying to sell a house in this market. I’m going to take some notes so when it becomes time to sell, the house I don’t have yet, I’ll have some great pointers.

@CentsibleLife Pay your Savings Forward: SaveTogether

I’m all for helping the less fortunate and especially the ones that help themselves. This sounds like a great organization. Read about it and try it out.

@PFFirewall Would You Bet On Your Own Academic Success?

This is an interesting idea. On one hand it promotes gambling but on the other hand it’s motivation to succeed in school. But on the other hand it’s using money for motivation which I believe shouldn’t be used as motivation, but to each their own. I know money wouldn’t motivate me to pass classes because it didn’t so this wouldn’t really help me. Check it out and see if it’s a good idea.

@GrlRedBalloon A sad, totally non-PF realization

I like this post because it goes into what we all feel sometimes but never say. In reality we don’t have that many friends that are close to us. The best friends you’re ever going to have are from high school. The bad thing about that is after high school everyone grows up and moves away. Check this post out and let Red know what you think.

@PFbythebook Create Your “No” Policies Before You Need Them

This is a good idea. It will definitely clear up confusion and awkward situations. I’ll have to work on this one.


@arohan Carnival of Wealth – August 7, 2010 Edition
This is the inaugural edition of Carnival of Wealth so be sure to check it out

@Miss_Thrifty Carnival of Personal Finance #269: The Diva$ Edition

Miss Thrifty does a great spin on the Carnival of Personal Finance. I’m one of the editors picks so check me out there.

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  • Thank you for the mention and thoughts on the post! Why doesn’t money motivate you?

    • I don’t buy much so there’s not really anything I would do with that money. So it would be more like great some extra money but that wouldn’t get me to get a good grade, that would just be a bonus on top of a good grade. Especially if it’s something I’m not interested in it’s really hard to get me motivated.
      I guess I’ll rephrase it to say money doesn’t mtivate me to do things I’m not interested in but it does motivate me to excel in things I am interested in.


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