Yakezie Thursday

Yakezie Thursday

YakezieYay, I broke 200,000 which was the Yakezie challenge goal  (I’m writing this on wed and I’m at 201,000. so hopefully by the time you read this I’m below 200,000 otherwise you can ignore this yay).

Update: I’m at 196,287 so the yay is official :)

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Here are the Yakezie of the week:

@ExtremeJacob Why the unemployed don’t work

I think his system would solve a lot of problems in today’s world. However the likelihood of this happening is about 0. We’ve become a world of reliant people. We always rely on other things. The problem is that there are more people relying than there are people being able to be relied upon.

@FinancialSamura Why Are The Employed So Smug About The Unemployed?

I’m going to agree and disagree on this one. I think that we should help those that are unemployed because if I was unemployed I would want that help as well. Treat others as you would like to be treated. But I will disagree with the title because that makes a generalization about the employed generalizing about the unemployed. Other than that I agree.

@NewCarCoach Should car salesmen be allowed to profit?

Feel bad for the salesman when you get the best deal on a car? Read this post to find out why you shouldn’t/

@EDayTipsThought Money Saving Tip #1: Just Say No To Restaurant Soft Drinks!

All I ever drink at restaurants is water. It’s free and it’s good for me so why would I get anything else?

@LenPenzo The Great Debate: Do Kids Really Need Their Own Cell Phone?

I was against giving kids cellphones until I read his logic. People should embrace technology and use it for what it was meant to do…make our lives easier.

@UltMoneyBlog Why Organics Suck

I am in agreement.  I would buy organic but it’s really expensive compared to the non organic and my health concerns aren’t that big to me at the moment to justify the price.


@Bucksome CSN Stores Gift Certificate Giveaway

I really want this clock. Head on over and let her know what you like and enter to win.

Carnivals and Roundups

@OutOfDebtAgain Yakezie Alexa Challenge Roundup

BeatingBroke Carnival of Personal Finance #267

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  • Thanks for the mention!

    • Anytime

  • Congrats! That’s a great accomplishment.

    • Thank you for the congrats

  • Congrats on breaking 200,000 before the launch of Yakezie.com on Aug 16th! I’ve got a lot of ideas for the site, and welcome your input and contribution.

    I think to start, we’ll do member introduction posts telling us about themselves so we can all get to know each other better. I think we should ease into it and just have a lot of fun!

    Regarding the title of my post, I’m not saying all employed folks are smug. I’m just wondering why there are any smug employed people against the unemployed at all!

    • yea I figured about the title. I was just being picky. But I’m looking forward to some place we can call out own.

  • Thanks for including my giveaway. I appreciate your support!

    • Anytime. Glad to spread the word


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