Where To Visit In Honduras

Do you wanna visit Honduras and asking yourself which are the best locations to visit for enjoying it completely? I, Michael W Leroy, will try to help you in your choice. First of all, for me and many more tourists, when you going to Honduras you definitely need to visit popular Copan Ruinas. They are located near to the Guatemalan border, at the west of the country. Nice hotels, awesome people, great location! Must visit ! Second place on my scale is Utila island, located on the coast of Northern Honduras. If you like smaller quiet places, with friendly local people, then it is a right place for you. They also have very good shops and prices in it. Real place for resting completely. Third place for me is sister island of Utila, beautiful Roatan island. The island is luch and hilly and have wonderful white sand beaches. This is the most cheapest place for living where living costs are far lower than most of the Caribbean, and like that a real paradise for tourists and travellers.

Fourth place for you, especially if you need a real civilization, ATM machines, established hotels, internet cafes, and all up to date things, your choice is La Ceiba. It is 250,000 population town, and most travellers use the city as staying base for exploring and visiting Pico Bonito, a beautiful National Park or near villages which are real representatives of Honduras culture. I hope i help you a little bit and letting you know a piece of Honduras tourism. Greetings!

Thanks for reading my info about Honduras by Michael W. Leroy, please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

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