A Few Money-Saving Tips While Traveling

Money-saving during traveling remains an art and while veteran travelers are still learning it, it’s the newbie’s who should be more serious about learning from scratch. Be it about growing the patience to research thoroughly on the best flight/train ticket deals or about finding the cheapest but decent accommodation- there’s probably a lot of work up your sleeve. Traveling, no matter, how refreshing or fulfilling an experience it is, remains a pricey proposition if you’re not learning about a few tricks to save up those precious bucks. Read on to acquaint yourself with  few effective tips to save money while traveling and be well on course to secure a cheap but memorable traveling experience.


The most oft-repeated but the most important cheap travel tip would be to time your visit duly. Touring during the off-season remains a financially wise traveling decision as transport, accommodation, food and other costs remain dramatically low during that period. Flight tickets, for instance, vary with seasons, months, days and even with the time of travel. Weekend flights are expected to cost you more than weekday flights. Сontact Aerobell Airlines for best travel options. Hotel accommodations might follow similar rules as well. A good advice would be to sign up for relevant travel alert emails that would help you zero in on the best travel, or at least the flight deals. Here’s more on ways of saving up on flights and hotels:

Money saving tips

Tips to save Money on Flights 

  • Opt for stopovers or indirect flights
  • Pre-book airport parking a few days in advance
  • Fly from an alternative airport ( not from the nearest one) if you think that it might turn out cheaper to fly with it even with the train or the bus ticket involved 

Tips to save Money on Hotels 

Try out private rooms rather than expensive hotels- there are a lot of websites that let locals to rent out their spare rooms, sofas or the whole apartments that turn out much cheaper than the expensive chain hotels. Home swaps can also act as great alternatives to the pricey (hotel) accommodation.

Avail Cheap Overseas Spending Card

Try and grab a super cheap overseas spending card. Most of the cards add a 3% cost to the exchange rates received by the banks themselves. Availing a specialist card would help you avoid this expense, as it doesn’t include the additional cost. Thus, you can get one of these cards and make sure that you’re paying back in full to avoid paying interest.

Luggage Shipping Service

Learn about the luggage shipping service. There are these thriving luggage delivery companies like and Send My Bag that would transport your luggage to the concerned destination and back at much lower rates than what would have been charged by the airline authorities. It would be better if you act a little prudently while packing. If you really think that a pullover here or a pair of high heels there can be left behind, don’t think twice before excluding them. Baggage fees make up for a significant portion of the budget. So saving up substantially here remains important.

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