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Grow Up And Stop Acting Like A Child

Lost Tree

It’s fun being a child. Nothing in the world can bring you down…except a scraped knee. Why is life so grand? Who cares. You’re a child and you need to act that way.

It’s easy to be oblivious in life and no one does it better than children. You can call it innocence. But that innocence can hurt you in the long run if you keep that mindset into adulthood. You need to stop acting like a child and grow up into an adult and become aware.

There is no shame in not knowing; the shame lies in not finding out.

There are two types of children (yes I know I’m generalizing). Stop being one of these types:

The child that asks

There’s the child that takes initiative in asking why. The only thing is, when kids ask why most people say “because I said so”. That doesn’t really allow you to grow and it can get you into a bad habit of not asking any more because they said so.

Well now you’re an adult and don’t have to worry about that. Ask questions and find out why. Let me ask you a question..Why is a tomato a fruit? Anyone…anyone. Well maybe I’m just not of the loop but I had no idea why, other than just because, until a week ago. Here’s why by the way. How many things do you not know about because you have been taking for granted that it’s “just because”?

The child that doesn’t ask

This is the child that just goes through life not worrying why something “is” but just keeps using/doing it. This is the child I was when it came to finances. I would just spend my parents money not worrying about where it was coming from. I never ever considered that I could be hurting them financially (Yea you could chalk this up to a lot of things, why I was like that, but just for argument’s sake I’m going to say all parents are perfect).

The point is I didn’t show initiative to find out where the money came from and chose to ignore the signs that were telling me to stop my actions.

Don’t be a child. Grow up and expand your mind. If there’s something you don’t know about, find out about it. The internet is filled with answers, all you have to do is ask the questions.

What have you found out recently that you never thought about before?

photo credit: h.koppdelaney