Who Are The Job Creators?

A popular buzzword out there is Job Creator (Ok, so buzzwords) and it has pretty much infected all talks of life. It seems like every sentence out of anyone’s mouth includes that word.

I’ve been thinking long and hard about it since it’s recently taken off. To get a better look at what most people think a job creator is look here.

I agree with a lot of people out there that we shouldn’t raise taxes on job creators and we should give more tax credits to them so that they won’t be held back from creating jobs.

It’s a tough economy out there and it isn’t easy for them to create jobs without sacrificing.

No I’m not talking about these people. I’m talking about the majority of Americans out there that spend money.

“Rich People” and Corporations are not job creators. They even somewhat admit this when they say that there aren’t more jobs because there aren’t people spending money.

Without the American people spending money, there wouldn’t be any jobs.

Why is a company made?

To make money, but to also fill a demand.

If no one wanted what they offer they won’t last, thus the jobs won’t be there.

So who are the real “Job Creators”?

You, me, and anyone else out there that spends money because we want something beyond our needs. (if we just bought within our needs there wouldn’t be enough jobs out there for everyone, hence the high unemployment rate right now)

So the government should give us a tax cut and some tax credits to get us to spend that extra money. Because if history is any indicator, we love to spend beyond our needs whenever we have extra money…or if we have some extra room on our credit cards. But it all goes back to having our needs taken care of first (for the most part).

So my advice to the government is to just give us a little extra money and we’ll take care of those jobs for you.

What do you think?

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  • Agree, the government should not be in the business of creating private sector jobs. Those jobs are created by demand in the free market.

  • I agree with you that until there is more demand for more products and services, there will be no additional hiring. I am not sure if a tax cut is the way to do it.

  • If you’re going to call yourselves “job creators” doesn’t that mean you have to take responsibility for the lack of jobs? I recently published a blog post about how I think we can motivate these “job creators” to do their duty. In a nutshell, it involves tying a new top marginal tax rate to the unemployment rate (and has a carrot and a stick). http://www.ragingwisdom.com/?p=185JobCreators

  • It’s the producers, not consumers, who are the job creators. Let the producers be free to produce and trade. Consumers are the end of the chain, they add nothing to a productive economy. Most folk confuse this and believe if we’d only consume more it’d solve the problem. Production qua production is the key.


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