Save Money Avoid an Expensive Ticket by Staying Informed of the Law

Recently, Missouri’s state highway patrol released information on some recent law changes in regards to vehicle operation and accidents. This information is very important to drivers, because punishments for driving offenses are now more severe. For Missouri residents, this means enhanced safety on the road and stricter punishments for offenders.

Keep yourself from going bankrupt by following all the new laws and avoiding steep fines and penalties.

Active Emergency Zone

An active emergency zone is a part of the road that has been marked off by emergency responders. It’s essential to drive carefully in an emergency zone, because fines are increased. The first time you violate traffic laws in an emergency zone you’ll be charged $35 in addition to other fines. A second ticket will cost you $75 in addition to your other fines.

Follow these new rules to save yourself the headache of financial penalties:

  • Do not exceed the speed limit by over 15 mph.
  • Do not pass other vehicles.
  • Always stop for a flagman, a traffic control signal and emergency responders.
  • Do not use lanes that are closed off or not intended for motorists.
  • Do not physically assault, threaten or attempt to assault an emergency responder with a motor vehicle or other instrument.
  • Do not intentionally use your vehicle to strike or move a barrel, sign, barrier or other device. Unless, you’re hitting the object in an effort to avoid an obstacle, emergency or to protect the health of another person.

Permissive Yellow-Light Intervals

The Permissive Yellow-Light Intervals section states that no person can be ticketed or otherwise in trouble if they pass through a yellow light and it turns red while they’re in said intersection. People should be cautious when their light turns green, always on the lookout in case a straggler is caught in the intersection after passing through a yellow light.

If a car accident occurs in this situation, it may be difficult to determine who is liable. It’s recommended to contact a personal injury lawyer, like Missouri’s own Christopher R. Dixon, who suggests asking witnesses to stay on scene, after an accident, so they can give a statement to police. A car accident can be incredibly expensive, which is why it’s important to protect yourself when you’re not liable.

Insurance Policies

Thankfully, laws have been updated to allow drivers to prove they have insurance with a digital image, like the one on a cell phone or tablet. For Missouri residents, this means living life greener, with less paper products. It also means saving time on the side of the road, if a driver forgot to put their insurance documents in their glove box.

Many drivers have received expensive tickets for not having proof of insurance. In most cases, those drivers were freed from their financial obligation when they could deliver proof of insurance in a certain time frame. This meant accepting the ticket and fine, then driving home and printing out copies of insurance information. Or, driving to the insurance company and requesting duplicate documents. If insurance couldn’t be proved in a specified length of time, the driver would be forced to pay their fines and tickets.

Save Your Money – Stay Clear on the Law

The only way to avoid the huge expense of a ticket and a fine is to not break the law. Ignorance of the law is no excuse, when the flashing red and blues come alive behind you. If you truly want to avoid this hefty expense, keep alert behind the wheel and stay clear on the law.

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