Get Your Rant On


Rant (Verb)

1: to talk in a noisy, excited, or declamatory manner

2: to scold vehemently

Every now and then something can really get on your nerves and you just want to yell. I’ve had many of those moment but too many times choose to hold it in.

Apparently it’s not the best thing to do. I’m sure a lot of people have this same issue, so I’m here to help. Let out your anger and frustration below. Don’t hold back on anything.

This may get family unfriendly quickly but that’s ok because some people may highly dislike kids anyway. If you don’t want to read my rants but you want to start ranting right away then just skip to the Your Turn section at the bottom.

Rant 1

Let me start it off. I hate that our government isn’t stepping up for the people and is instead standing up for corporations that will do anything to make a quick buck because the people that make decisions don’t have to live in the same world that they affect. You don’t see a rich neighborhood next to factories do you?

That’s what I have a problem with. It’s not that they are rich, it’s that they get their money by making part of the world worst off than when they started. Is that every rich person? No and I don’t have a problem with them. But if a company gives my representative money to help vote to make my neighborhood worse off just so they can make more money to give that same representative then I have a problem with that.

Rant 2

Oil companies! Can you please allow us to have clean energy? I know it doesn’t make you as much money as you would like but I promise you won’t be broke….unless you choose not to embrace it. It’s the same with industries throughout time. If you don’t innovate then you will die off.

Embrace change and make the world better….it’s not that hard I promise. Just put some more of those oil profits into it and you’ll have it in no time. You’re Welcome!

Rant 3

The Economy! I know there are a lot of people without jobs right now. Whose fault is that? Ours! We created a world that we can not support. We over created way too many of the same thing (houses) that we could not afford to keep up with. We put all of our eggs in 1 basket. Obviously that was a bad call. Manufacturing isn’t where we need to be. People overseas make it a lot cheaper and will eventually make it just as good if not better than we can. What’s going to happen then? Even more job losses. We need to get people away from that and into jobs that actually have a future. The internet is like a whole new world that we should start working more towards. It allows us to barter a lot more effectively and can help bring in a lot of money. So why aren’t more people doing it?

Partly because they don’t know what they can do to make money because they haven’t learned it in school. We should teach more entrepreneurism in the school and stop making our kids less creative by teaching them with standardized tests. That just created standardized people. We need to evolve but we’re still stuck in the past.

Your Turn

Well that was my rants for the day. That felt really good. I’m probably going to do this again.

Get your rant on in the comments below. Do you hate that I wrote this post, hate my site, hate your boss, hate that the work week is so long, are you annoyed by your kids, or a significant other that hides money from you. Whatever it is let it out into the world. Maybe someone can help you if you need it. If you don’t want people to know who you are then by all means get creative with your name.

What won’t be allowed: Any Racism, Sexism, Slurs….you get the pictures, but feel free to use some cursing if need be.

Now Get Your Rant On!

Comments (3)

  • I personally enjoyed this post, I think you should have more of this on your site. If I have to start ranting I guess your comments section will not be enough. You raised this issue of why a lot more people are not seeking work on the internet, one possible explanation like you said is that they do not know how to work online but another one is that internet as a source of income is quite an unpredictable one. Today your blog works you get money, tomorrow it doesn’t and you’re out of business. I know it works same way for a company but atleast there you can have a paycheck every month but with internet it take years before you get to a point where you can earn enough as a living.

  • My only rant is that I cant stand people who complain and talk on their phone in public settings eg bus.

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