4 Ways People Look To Make Extra Money Online

In modern society there are countless ways to earn income online. Many people manage to maintain full employment remotely, working through their computers in all kinds of jobs. Many more conduct their own freelance activity or start small websites or businesses, using what talents they have to attract clients. Even aside from these more normal employment situations, however, there are plenty of smaller, simpler ways that people look to generate side income online in their spare time. These little efforts toward bonus income are what we’re looking at in this piece.

Ebates & Reward Apps

As you may well know, there is a large category of shopping and task reward apps that have become fairly popular among people looking to generate side income. Sites like the Penny Hoarder and others geared toward frugality and hustle often review these apps, which has only grown their popularity. Generally, the apps involve deals for certain products or tasks for users, such as photographing receipts in exchange for rewards. Ebates is perhaps the most straightforward of them all, however. It’s essentially an app that helps you search for products, and if you buy them through the app, you get a small cash back reward. If that sounds too good to be true, reviews stress that Ebate is not meant to be a part time job. However it does work, so if (and only if) you need a product anyway, there’s no harm and some reward in buying it through the app.

Betting & Gaming

Being perfectly clear about matters, real money betting and gaming is generally a losing proposition. This is why the sites make so much money. Most players know this and take their chances anyway however, because it can be fun and because there’s at least the chance of generating some side income. We wouldn’t make a recommendation for or against this kind of activity – only that you remain cautious and strategic whatever you decide to do. If you are interested in real money gaming activity, do your research. Most online casinos offer bonuses to players that can help you make the most of the varied selection of games and offerings, and can give you a leg up. There are also some games that give the players a better chance at winning than others. Researching factors like these can at least make success somewhat more likely.

Fantasy Sports

Conventional fantasy sports, in which you join a season-long league, pick a team of players and compete based on how those players perform, has never really been much of a financial game. You can organize prize money among friends, to be sure, and find paying leagues online. But generally speaking it’s just for fun. The past several years have brought about the rise of “Daily Fantasy,” or DFS, however, and this works differently. On DFS sites like DraftKings, Draft, and even Yahoo Sports, you pay a fee to enter a contest, pick players for a given game, day, or weekend’s worth of events, and earn a cash prize if you finish above a certain point in the standings of those competing. Like regular sports betting, this is usually a losing prospect; the odds are against you. However, it is at least a fun way for those with an interest in sports to try to generate the occasional side bonus.

App-Based Investment

Investment has always been a way for people to generate extra income on the side. These days, however, it’s taking on a new meaning. Investing has been made easier via trading apps that are easy and attractive to use, and which boil down the stock market to simpler decisions with lower fees. As one write-up said, Robinhood (one of the leading apps in this category) keeps its experience simple on purpose, in an effort to appeal to users. Robinhood has no fees for trades and a stock can be bought or sold with a few taps on a touchscreen. Now, some view investment as little better than betting, and we’d caution here that this is not a way to make money if you don’t educate yourself thoroughly and gain an understanding of the markets. Even then, there are no guarantees. However, this is certainly another method a lot of people are trying of late.


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Money Management

Don’t Make Payday Loans a Scapegoat

Payday loans are the fastest way to get cash before your payday and the best way to get financially ruined in no time. People often forget that any money borrowed from a payday lender will generate high interest rates that summed up to an already existent debt, make payday loans a heavy load to pay off.

If you are already trapped in a debt circle resulting from credit cards, mortgages or another type of loans, you do not really need to add a payday loan to this circle, but find suitable alternatives for your imminent money need. There are at least four alternatives to a payday loan that might be the answer to you are looking for, so simply analyze them and decide yourself which is the best in your particular case.


The most viable way is talking to your creditors and asks the possibility to extend your due date. Okay, you need money, not refinancing or similar thing, but this way you can take the money that you reserve to repay your debt, assuming that you have this money available in a savings account or somewhere at home. There are two possibilities here; on the one hand that you really need the payday loan to repay other debt. In this case, a creditor can extend the due date without reporting to the bureau or charging a penalty for late payments, thus removing the need to get cash advance. On the other hand, you might have never thought to put aside any money to repay your debt, living on a paycheck to paycheck basis.

Credit Cards

However there is a second alternative here, as long as you need the money to buy something or that your credit card grants you access to cash advance. Yes, using your credit card to pay for items is cheaper that borrowing money from a payday loan. However getting a cash advance from a credit card (when allowed) is costly than paying for goods at the time of purchase, although both of these solutions into one financial instrumental will always be cheaper than a payday loan, and some banks give a few days grace period to repay cash advances before interest rates apply.

Family or Friends

The third alternative to payday loans is not always suitable and not always impossible; which is to borrow money from a family member, friend or even your neighbor. Perhaps this last thing will only give you nothing more than a few bucks, but sometimes a few bucks can make a difference. However family members or friends may have your money solutions in their hands and it is about daring to ask them. The main advantage is that they may lend with no interest rates, but there is a risk factor involved here. Money is often responsible for broken relationships, so if you are unsure of your financial capability to repay their money in a timely manner, you will do better select another alternative. Be honest about your financial situation when talking to them and never promise without having the certainty on what you are saying.

Reevaluate Expenses

Perhaps the fourth alternative is the best of all of these; cut down on your bills. Depending on how much money you need, you can cut out some services that you do not need, or you can delay the payment without being reported to bureau if your delay does not exceed past 30 days. If you cannot live without paying your carrier the extra module that enables you to text your friends beyond the limit of you cell phone plan, for instance, then try to cut out the amount of beers that you drink. Tighten your belt for a month or two will not hurt and can give you the extra cash that you need, or can be an “extra” income if you keep reducing expenses consistently.

There are several other alternatives to payday loans, but these are some of the easiest solutions that you can find.

Author Bio: Noel Finlay works for a company that provides information on quick loans. 


Modern ways of making a lasting brand impression

It used to be that brands were the province of large, established companies and organisations, a hard to grasp concept that had something to do with their logo design and business ethos. Nowadays, most start-ups, SMEs and cottage industries are aware of the need for a brand strategy that creates a lasting impression.

What is a brand?

  • It’s not just your logo, though that forms a part of your branding.
  • Your brand is everything that your company stands for.
  • When people see your name or logo they think of X, Y or Z.

For instance, everyone knows the MacDonald’s logo but what does it stand for? Fast, tasty food at a price you can afford? A place where all the family can go? You know what you are going to get when you go into a MacDonald’s because the operational processes across all its stores have been standardised; same uniforms, same menu, even a similar layout of their restaurants.

That’s the MacDonald’s brand.

How to Develop Your Brand

The bad news is that there is even more competition out there with the rise of the internet and the reduced cost of starting up a commercial business. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to develop your brand and get it noticed.

  • Have a clearly defined and enforceable brand. If you are committed to excellent customer service or support then make sure you provide it, not every so often, but all the time. If you pride yourself in the innovation of your product then don’t rest on your laurels. If you innovate then innovate.
  • Make sure your literature matches. If you use a particular font for your website, use it for your brochures too. If your logo is placed in a certain position, then make sure that stretches across everything. Have an easy to follow strategy for producing marketing goods that staff can refer to when they are producing new promotions.
  • Have a distinctive logo that can be incorporated into all of your promotional literature, from corporate holiday ecards to business cards, emails and social media accounts. The logo is the visual representation of your brand and, if you can burn it into the mind of customers you are on your way to creating an enduring reminder of what you are about.
  • But…be aware that logos aren’t as important as they used to be. It cements your identity but what really consolidates your brand is how you deal with your customers, both online and off. It’s no longer just about simply standing for something, you now have to cultivate your customers with effective and engaging conversation.
  • Use social media to build brand ambassadors. Your greatest allies, especially on a limited budget, are the people you engage on social media. If you can get them on your side then they will promote your brand and, here’s the good news, they will largely do it for free – because they like you.
  • Be bold, be brave. It’s difficult to find new and innovative ways to build your brand but for start-ups especially it pays to be a little more daring than your competitors and the larger corporations who are usually stacked with bureaucracy.

Creating an enduring and effective brand takes a good deal of work but it’s a vital part of business development if you want to be remembered. It involves bringing numerous strands together that work in harmony and begins with knowing what you stand for and should end with a business that has a solid reputation and more than a few hard-core followers.

Home Ownership

Is it time to replace the old boiler?

Yet again the British summer is dragging its heels, with no sign of any prolonged sunshine coming our way anytime soon. Whilst the lack of rays can be depressing, as there’s not much chance of getting to the beach anytime soon, it’s not the biggest problem.

For lots of us the summer brings relief as our gas bills drop dramatically. When you have a monthly outgoing, that for many now stems in to three figures throughout the winter, it’s always nice to see it drop for at least a short while in the summer months.

Sadly, with the daily temperature struggling to hit double figures across the country the heating is still having to go on and no end is in sight. Add to this, the mentality of the major providers, whose only real concern seems to be squeezing as much money as possible out of the public, and you could be forgiven for thinking the only solution is to buy more woollens or emigrate to warmer climates.

Does your boiler need replacing?

Well, all is not totally lost, as you can take certain steps to bring the cost of your heating down a good bit over the cost of an average month. Taking the time to replace your household boiler can save a substantial amount of money over a short period, not to mention reducing carbon dioxide emissions. However, if you are considering upgrading your boiler, it’s important to speak with a reputable supplier such as Help-Link as it’s vital to have it done professionally and for as little cost as possible.

If you’re concerned that your boiler is costing too much to run, the first step is to speak with an expert, as they are in the best position to advise you. There are many different types of boilers on the market and it may be that yours is very dated, or that it is just the wrong type for your property.

An expert will discuss the types of boiler available to you and what advantages can be gained from the various options available. It may be that a combi boiler is the right option, as for many homes, these are the most cost efficient on the market.

Which boiler is the right one for your home?

Or, maybe your water bills are of an equal concern and a water efficient boiler may the right one for you. Energy efficient condensing boilers save money by recycling the waste gas and then reusing it to generate heat and if you don’t currently have one, you could be throwing valuable money down the drain. Either way, it’s important to consult an expert on this, as not every boiler is right for every home.

Another factor to consider is warranty. Some suppliers will offer a very limited warranty, whereas others will offer a guarantee that can last as much as a decade. This is very important, as the last thing you want to do is to end up paying out a few years after having the new boiler fitted.

The one expense you will have when you fit a new boiler is the initial outlay. Two important factors to remember are as follows. Firstly, you may be entitled to a grant which could help reduce the costs considerably, so it’s best to enquire before jumping in head first. Secondly, it may be that you can take out finance and spread the cost of the boiler, so you are not paying out in one go. This can be a great way of paying as you can offset the cost of the new boiler against the savings you are making from reduced outgoings.

It doesn’t seem that the British summer is going to be here anytime soon so you if you are considering a new boiler, it may be more prudent to speak to someone now, rather than waiting until the winter.