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How To Make Money When Starting A Website

It’s time to start making money.

Today I’m going to go into how to make money by selling other peoples stuff. This is called being an affiliate.

You send traffic to others peoples sales page and have them do all the hard work.

This is great for someone just starting out to get some experience under their belt and gain a little spending money.

You’re not going to get a lot of money from this in the beginning because you have to get some traffic (I’ll go into that in another email) in order to tell someone about the product.

But the good thing is that you can get traffic from search engines by creating a post that is a review of the product.

So the title could be “Product” Review.

That way when someone looks up a review of that product, one of your posts will be in the results and they’ll buy through you.

So where are you going to get these products?

I’m glad you asked.

There are several sites that are packed with all of these products. Here are the ones that I use.

PayDotCom – They are lesser used, so the products in there aren’t promoted as much as other sites. That equals a goldmine.

ClickBank – Well known and the biggest choice of products.

Those will get you started on the path to affiliate sales.

There are also opportunities to tell people about sales and businesses.

Here are a couple of great sites that have promotions and businesses that you can promote as well.

Flexoffers– Lots of great businesses to promote.

Logical Media– My favorite because they are always sending me new limited time promotions.

There is 1 important thing that you need to do when promoting affiliate products.

Have some knowledge of the product that you’re promoting. You don’t have to buy every product that you promote, but at least read up on it. You don’t want to promote something that’s going to give you a bad name.

If you do then people won’t buy your products when they come out.

And of course Live Your Passion

Do What You Want

Plugins For Your New Website

Today I’m going to show you the plugins that will make you blog work a lot better and show you how to get people to love you.

So let’s start with the plugins, just be sure you’re logged in to wordpress and select plugins and then add new.

And then search and install these plugins:

After The Deadline – Will help with grammar and spelling when you’re writing posts.

Clean Archives Reloaded – Helps create a great archive page for you.

CommentLuv – Gives incentive to have people comment.

Conditional CAPTCHA for WordPress with Akismet – Helps stop spams.

Sharebar – Lets people share your articles

Contact Form 7 – Creates a clean contact form for your contact page.

WP-DBManager – Backs up your website sutomatically.

Google XML Sitemaps – Helps get you site found by Google.

Limit Login Attempts – Helps protect your site.

Subscribe To Comments – Allows people to subscribe to a comment so they can come back to it.

Thank Me Later – Sends a nice email to people when they comment for the first time.

W3 Total Cache – Speeds up your site, so people aren’t waiting forever for your site.

Whydowork Adsense – Great way to add adsense to posts.

wp-insert – Lets you insert anything anywhere. Allow your creative juices to flow.

WP Mobile Detector – Will give a mobile friendly version of your site if the reader is on a smart phone.

ViperBar – Puts a bar at the top of your site to help communicate with your readers.

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin – Helps interlink your site and get readers to explore more.

If you decide on Thesis theme be sure to get Thesis OpenHook. It’s like wp-insert but 10x more flexible. Also get Ultimate Thesis Theme Options to add even more flexability.

I know it’s a lot but I didn’t want to cheat you by giving you only the basics. I gave you the full arsenal of what I use. All of those aren’t required but I’d recommend all of them.

After all of those are installed it’s time to get people to love you. Guess how?

Give them something for free! Just like I’m giving you now. Do you love me yet? Great, then it’s working :)

But it doesn’t have to be this detailed, it can just be a top 10 report or something useful.

But, to give it to them you’re going to want to get their email so that you can give them more useful information and and if you show them something that’s useful for them and costs money, they might be inclined to buy it.

So how do you get their emails?

Sign up for an Aweber account, which is just 1 penny for the first month. They will basically help you collect addresses. They have a lot of great tutorials so I’m not going to go into more detail, but they do have a plugin to make it easier to add a form for people to sign up. They are the best company for that.

There is a somewhat free alternative called MailChimp. The only problem is that if you decide they aren’t as flexible as you want and you switch to Aweber (you will), you will lose most of the people on your list because they have to resubscribe (but you do get to send an email to them to get them to do that) , so be aware of that.

There are also free plugins that provide the same service but they can slow down your site a lot and don’t always go through or are most likely to be marked as spam…if they make it that far.

Now, you may have noticed I haven’t mentioned a free website host other than HostGator. The truth is that you can make a free site on or Those are OK if you’re just doing a personal blog, but in actuality you don’t own the blog and can be shut down at anytime. There are a lot of terms and conditions that keep you from making money from your passion.

I’ve seen a Passion Seeker lose his site and they didn’t even give him a good reason. So he just quit. Don’t let that happen to you, especially since hosting is so cheap to get.

Remember to Live Your Passion

Money Management

Organise your finances with the help of the internet

Are you looking for a credit card that will help get your finances in check? Perhaps you want to make a balance transfer and are searching for the right deal? If so, it’s wise to look on the internet.

Here are a few reasons why:

The web is a great source of information

The internet has changed the way we interact with one another and is a great source of information. It’s improved the way we communicate, the way we shop and the way we manage money and is a valuable resource for anyone looking to switch credit card providers. For instance, if you’ve heard about a new credit card deal (but can’t recall the small print) you can go online and find out all you need and more – with just a few clicks of a button.

You can dig deeper when you have the time

Back in the day, finding the right credit card used to involve a mountain of paperwork and treks to your local bank – but this is no longer the case. Now you can browse credit card offers, finance solution, banking options and more online and can make an application when you have the time. The terms and conditions – including go-to interest rates and annual fees – should be clearly laid out for you to see, so make sure you do your homework.

The internet allows you to compare and contrast

The great thing about the internet is that it allows you to make a credit card comparison from the comfort of your own home. Certain providers have made it easier than ever to compare features including money transfers, APRs and offers and allow you to click through to sub-pages for more information. Other sites will help you compare credit cards across the whole market and will give you a factual and unbiased overview of what’s available.

You’ll unearth information you never knew

Did you know that there are football and rugby credit cards available? If not, you’ll find out more by going online. These branded cards usually have all the facilities and benefits of regular credit cards and will help you show support for your favourite team be it Manchester United or Chelsea. More often than not they have the club’s badge proudly displayed on the front and will make a great addition to your wallet.

You can benefit from online banking

Once you’ve found a credit card to suit your wants, tastes and needs, you can enjoy services such as internet banking. This will allow you to make transfers and check your statements online and will help you manage your finances efficiently. With the economy in a turbulent state, it’s important to keep an eye on your outgoings and this is where an internet banking solution can help.

Credit card applications are now faster and easier than ever, so why not see what you can find?

Money Management

8 Tips For Achieving Financial Security

Financial Security

Making money, avoiding debt and achieving financial security can be akin to a myth. You hear about it, but you’re not entirely sure that this can be done. It can be done and with relative ease too. Of course, you need to ensure that you are in a good place to make your money work for you. But, whether you have lots of debts or none at all, you can achieve financial security for the long term. You don’t have to wallow in debt, without a penny to your name. Rather, you can enjoy the benefits of living a financially healthy lifestyle.

Tip 1: Save!

Sorry for pointing out the obvious, but saving is one of the savviest things that you can do when you are trying to achieve financial security. You need to start saving as soon as possible, whether it’s a couple of pounds a week or a few hundred pounds per month, you need to have a savings account Put in little and often to ensure that you have enough to live on in the future. Having money put aside is vital and can guarantee that you get to live a comfortable lifestyle in the future. If you currently have some debt, pay this off before you start saving. After all, saving while you are in debt can be a counterproductive exercise. Take a look at different ways that you can pay off your debt; this can be in the form of a non profit debt consolidation loan, or something more informal. The choice, ultimately, is yours.

Tip 2: Include Your Savings in Your Household Budget

Compile a household budget or an income and expenditure. This can be one of the most positive ways of seeing how much of a cash surplus you have at the end of the month. One of the best things that you can do is to treat your savings as another household expense. So, if you have a surplus of £500 at the end of the month, take £100 of that and put it into savings in a separate account. Treat it like another bill and ensure that you are making the right steps into creating financial security. Once you start treating your savings plan like another household expense, you will see that you are not out of pocket. You will live within your means and ensure that you don’t overspend. See, it’s easy once you know how.

Tip 3: Tax Free Accounts

One of the best ways to make your newly formed savings pot work for you is to make sure that you have a separate bank account away from your daily living expenses. This kind of bank account should be the best kind of savings account in making your money work. Tax free ISAs are one of the best ways to watch your money grow. High interest accounts are a savvy route to take too. After all, interest is essentially free money. What could be better than that?

Tip 4: Diversify Your Savings

Putting all of your eggs into one basket is a dangerous game. You need to make sure that you are looking at diversifying your savings account so that you are making your money work for you. What is more, if you do have multiple high interest savings accounts, you can make sure that you are not stung by the bank. Putting all of your investments and savings into one place runs a high risk. You need to minimise risk so that you are financially secure. Diversification of your funds is vital at this time.

Tip 5: Make a Note of All of Your Expenses

Now is the time to be financially savvy. Make sure that you are accounting for every penny in your family living costs as well as your savings account. When it comes to saving, you may need to penny pinch. Look at ways that you can minimise your outgoings and maximise your savings. This is essential if you want to live a financially happy life. So, make a list of all of the expenses that you currently incur. This could be things like dental costs and medical insurance. Think about what you spend and cut back. You don’t have to be cutthroat and never leave the house again, but shopping around for good deals on life’s necessities is the best way to set you up for your future.

Tip 6: Budget Like a Pro

Budgeting is dull. There, we’ve said it. But, you need to make sure that you are not living beyond your means. While partying like a rock star can be fun, it’s a sure fire way of making sure that you have no money in the future. Be sensible and compile a budget, you need to make this fits in with your lifestyle and make it work for you. What is more, you need to make sure that your budget is realistic so that you don’t leave yourself with too little cash. There is a delicate balance to be achieved with budgeting. Don’t spend too much and make sure you save enough. Tinker around with your budget and see what works best for you.

Tip 7: Move Your Money Around

While you may have banked with your local bank for the last decade, loyalty means nothing when it comes to matters regarding your money. You need to make sure that you are shopping around for the best bank accounts and deals. After all, having a bank account that works for your investment is imperative. But, you don’t have to stick with the same account, you can maximise your funds by moving your money around. While this is more time-consuming than one would hope, it is a great way of making sure that you are financially sound for now and for the future.

Money Matters

When it comes to providing yourself with a solid financial plan, you need to be realistic. Making small changes to the way that you manage your financial affairs is vital at this time. You don’t have to live beyond your means, but you also don’t have to squirrel away every penny. Be savvy and make sure that you are financially secure for now and the future.

Home Ownership

Solve Your Financial Worries with a Home Equity Release

Financial worries are something which plague many of us. This is particularly true at the moment, when the housing market is struggling, employment opportunities are still low, and borrowing is at an all time high. Many people are finding it hard to make ends meet, with some fearing that they may lose their homes.

Even those who own their own homes are worrying, with many fearing that they will not be able to keep up with their mortgage repayments or utility bills. But for these people, help is on hand. If you own your own home, even if you still have an outstanding mortgage, you are what’s known as ‘asset rich’, no matter what your income.

Making the Most of Your Assets

If you are ‘asset rich’ – that is, if you are a homeowner, rather than a renter, then you may be able to convert your property into much needed cash. This is known, in the broadest sense of the term, as an equity release.

Strictly speaking, anyone who decides to release equity from their home will continue to live there afterwards. Equity can be released by taking a second mortgage, or by any other route whereby the value of your home is used to generate income.

However there is another way to release equity from your home, and that is to sell your property outright.

Selling Your Property in a Stagnant Market

Whilst selling your home may sound like a great idea, many people have already tried to do so and have come up against the problems inherent in a stagnant housing market. These include, falling prices, a lack of buyers and undesirable / unobtainable mortgages.

Luckily, there is a solution on hand. The House Buyer Bureau – – can buy your house quickly, and for cash, no matter what state the market is in.  

What Is a House Buying Bureau?

A reputable property buying bureau, such as The House Buyer Bureau, is a professional organisation with experience in buying properties in many locations, and in varying conditions. The main benefit of using a bureau, rather than an estate agent, is that there are no fees to pay, and no waiting around. So if you need to sell your property quickly, in order to free up some much needed cash, contact The House Buyer Bureau today to find out how they can help.