Do What You Want

Start Doing What You Want

I want to welcome you to the rest of your life.

It’s not everyday that we take the steps necessary to make a life we want. I’ve been doing that for a little bit on the side but I didn’t go full speed until I was let go from my day job.

When that happened my heart was racing but you know what? I wasn’t scared.

My heart was racing because one, it came out of nowhere so it was more of a surprise than anything, but two because I knew I wanted more than what that job could give me and I was ready to hit the ground running with my new endeavor of working for me, being my own boss.

I’ve been that way part time for about 8 months before I lost my job, so I did have a small net to catch me.

The point I’m trying to make is that you should start NOW!

Start planning your escape from the job world before they kick you out and you have no choice but to go back begging for a new one.

I made an alternative life for myself, and while I was thrust into it a little sooner than I planned, I’m more than happy about being my own person, with my own dress code, and my own rules.

Is that you want in life?

If it is, then get excited because this course is going to show you how I set up my side business doing what I love and how you can do the same thing.

I’m going to go off on a tangent real quick

*Begin Tangent*

Because this is my life now, I want to let you know that throughout this course I’m going to be showing you the products I use and the links to them will most likely make me money (I gotta eat). If a product costs money, I’ll try to tell you about a free alternative. But the thing I learned about free stuff is that they usually take more time to do the same thing as a paid product. That’s pretty much the major difference, just to let you know. But I do try to use free whenever possible because I’m pretty patient and I like free.

*End Tangent*

I really hope you get a lot out of this course and I want you to know that I’m trying to bring as many people out of the Matrix (yea I know it’s an outdated reference but it will always apply to the world) as I can.

It’s time to take the red pill, enjoy and remember to Live Your Passion!

Money Management

Budgeting Help – Where Did Your Money Go?

DeskEver wonder why you don’t have any money? It’s probably not because you don’t make enough. The only way to find out where your money is going is by tracking it. There’s a couple of ways to track your money, so take this budgeting help.

The most accurate way is to write it down. The only problem with that is to actually take the time to get around to writing it down. One way to solve this is to bring a small pad so you can write the purchase down right after you make it. I’ve never really been able to do this. What I do is use my debit card for most of my purchases so i can just look online and see all of my transactions. Then every other day I write down each transaction into a category like entertainment, eating out, or gas. This has been the best way for me.

Another way would be with a computer based accounting system like Quicken or online like, they are great if you need budgeting help. One down side is that it doesn’t always categorize your spending correctly so you have to be on top of it or it could mess up your budgeting.  Also, you have to be computer literate in order to actually use it proficiently.

I prefer the writing it down method the most because it allows me to control it without having to worry about something messing up my counting. Whichever way is going to get you to start tracking your money is the best way for you. Just start, and don’t wait until the end of the month because it will feel too overwhelming and you may forget about some of your cash purchases. At the least sit down at the end of each week to go over your transactions. There’s nothing wrong with asking for budgeting help.

How do you keep track of your money? Did you find this budgeting help useful?

Home Ownership

Earn Income From Your Own Property The Easy Way

When you are looking for a way to secure a good income without having to rely on an employer, working for yourself can seem like a good idea. The trouble is, there is a constant demand on your time and resources to deliver goods or services to an ever-changing market place. Instead, think about investing. If you have some money or property behind you, investing is a way to make that cash work hard for you. After years of careful saving and sacrifice, now may be the time to see what that hard earned cash can get you for the future.

Property will always be a good thing to invest in because the global population continues to rise. Housing will always be required, and home builders cannot keep up with demand. This pushes the price up on properties, making them a good investment. Because the cost of buying a home is so high most people under forty cannot afford to buy. Therefore, rental property is desperately needed. If you have any property, now is the time to look at becoming a landlord.

Even if you do not have a property to rent out, you can buy property to let. You don’t need to be a cash buyer either. Mortgage lenders are happier to lend on a buy to let than for a first home because they know you are generating income to repay the mortgage. Rates are quite favorable at the moment too. There will always be a need for rental property, so consider building a portfolio. If you like DIY, you could buy doer uppers and make a profit from selling on if you needed to raise some cash.

Earned Income

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As a landlord, you will need to protect your home and yourself. Have a look at or other insurance websites to find out what level of cover you may need. Your property will need to be protected against damage, and you will need some personal liability cover too. Take some time to find the right cover for the kind of properties and tenancies you are expecting to be dealing with.

If you prefer not to deal with the occupants of your properties, you can leave the advertising, property management and tenancy agreements to a letting agent. They work on your behalf. Some take a fixed fee while others will take a percentage of the income derived from the agreement. This will reduce your income but will take a lot of the hassle of letting your house off your hands.

Many landlords find they can pay their mortgage and still have enough rental income left to live comfortably. Investing in property this way can be very satisfying, as you get to keep the property as part of your portfolio for as long as you like. If you have good tenants, you should find your property in the same good condition when they leave as when the tenancy started. Most importantly, you will be helping people live in a good quality property they can call home.


Money Management

Estimating the Worth of Your Personal Injury Lawsuit

If you have been involved in a slip and fall, a workplace or an automobile accident or any other kind of injury, and considering filing a personal injury lawsuit, you may well be thinking if it would really be worth the trouble and the expense. You will only be able to answer that question by figuring out the cost of the injury, not only in monetary terms but also in terms of physical and mental damage, besides any need to punish the conduct of the defendant.

Monetary damages in a personal injury case are paid to the person who is injured by those who have been established legally as having been responsible, the defendant. If the defendant is insured, then the insurer will need to pay. If the compensation cannot be mutually settled between the plaintiff, the defendant, and their lawyers, it will have to be decided by a court of law after a trial. Some of the common types of personal injury damages:

Compensatory Damages

Most often, damages arising from personal injury are termed as compensatory, which means that a sum of money is decided upon to compensate the plaintiff for the loss incurred due to the accident or injury sustained. While reimbursements for damage to property or for medical bills are straightforward, it can be quite difficult to put a dollar value to the suffering or pain or inability to perform certain things due to lingering physical limitations. Some common compensatory damage types:

Medical treatment: You can expect the damages awarded for personal injuries to include the cost of medical treatment, whenever the accident has resulted in a physical injury. The bill can be settled directly by the defendant or the insurer to the hospital or the plaintiff can be reimbursed the amount of actual medical treatment received. In case, there is any medical care that is expected in the future, then the amount is estimated and paid to the plaintiff.

Income: If due to the accident you have not been able to attend to your work and this has resulted in the loss of salary or wages, the amount that you have lost will be included in the award. In case, the injury is estimated to affect your future earnings, then the award will also include the amount of future income expected to be lost. Typically, Atlanta lawyers term this as the plaintiff’s loss of earning capacity.

Loss of property: In case, any assets belonging to the plaintiff have suffered damage due to the accident, the award is likely to include a reimbursement of the amount required to repair or replace the asset as per the fair market value of the damaged or lost property.

Pain and suffering: If you had experienced pain and discomfort of a serious nature during and after the accident, then you can ask for a suitable compensation. Emotional distress leading to anxiety, fear, or even loss of sleep is also eligible for compensation.

Loss of enjoyment: If due to the sustained injury, you are not able to enjoy recreational activities, hobbies, and fitness workouts, you can ask for the award to include compensation for loss of enjoyment.

Loss of consortium: When the injury suffered due to the accident prevents you from enjoying a normal relationship with your spouse, including sexual relationship or companionship, then you may be eligible for appropriate compensation. Some states may also include the loss of relationship with a child in the damages.

Punitive Damages

In addition to the compensatory damages, if the circumstances of the accident point to a complete lack of care and caution on the part of the defendant, you may be eligible to be awarded punitive damages. The real objective of the award of punitive damages is to punish the defendant monetarily so that it acts as a deterrent to not only the defendant but also sets a precedent for others to keep in mind. In the past, there have been a number of cases, where punitive damage awards have been in millions of dollars due to the nature of the accident and the extent of its fallouts.


Since the fallouts of accidents leading to personal injuries are many, you need to carefully assess the damage that has been caused and file a lawsuit that includes the necessary compensation. Consulting a competent personal injury lawyer is the best course of action.

Author bio; Nick Wayne is among the most reputed Atlanta lawyers in the domain of personal injury cases. He has successfully led the fight against large corporations that cause damage to individuals with their careless behavior.


Gain Financial Flexibility with 12 Month Loans

How many times have you found yourself in a situation where you are pining for something so dearly but your financial position at that time just doesn’t allow you to do anything about it? Suppose you’ve been eyeing that bag or shoe, or running watch, and just for a week it went on sale; the bad part is that had it been on sale a week before or a week after, you would have been in the perfect position to snap it. But right now, you just can’t. How unfortunate! 

Yes, you are not alone in that predicament. Two many times have we decided to put off our wants and needs simply because our wallet or bank account was less cooperative, or that the timing wasn’t perfect. The same can be said of emergencies when we are thrust into situations that require considerable spending and yet we are not capable of meeting the need head-on because the timing was off. 

This is where 12 month loans would come in handy. Twelve month loans are loans that you take today and will be payable within a year’s time in 12 monthly increments. Finally, a great way to meet your immediate financial needs without being burdened by the responsibility of having to pay all of it back in one lump sum at a relatively short period of time. It’s the perfect way to improve your financial position in the interim without compromising your ledger a month after. 

When looking for the best 12 month loans, you can actually do all the necessary research and application online. There are many that offer quick approval with immediate withdrawal deposited to your bank account. Payments are likewise pain-free as these can be automatically programmed to make monthly debits from a pre-determined account. In short, you will only need to accomplish the forms during the application stage and you are left with little to worry about afterwards. 

Overcome your financial difficulties today by availing of 12-month loans and intelligently using these to improve your situation without crippling your ability to spend because of one big payment that is due. Twelve month loans undoubtedly give you the control that you need to live your life, meet your needs, confront emergencies and other sudden situations without having to worry that you are not financially prepared to deal with it. Take the reigns and gain the ability to spend based on the need. With 12 month loans, you are never too far away from being financially prepared to deal with anything and everything coming from you. 

Gain financial flexibility today with 12 month loans and do away with all the worrying. With 12 month loans, your road to financial flexibility begins today.