Horsedrawn carriages: perfect for corporate events

Horsedrawn carriages are a perfect feature at any corporate event. Once a common part of everyday life, these days a horsedrawn carriage is something to be marvelled at.

Cars, trains and aeroplanes may have left horses well and truly behind in the world of transportation, but they definitely still have their uses. People love horses and they love to ride on horsedrawn carriages.

Therefore if you’re looking to really make your corporate event stand out, horsedrawn carriage hire is perfect. 

Types of corporate events

There are many types of corporate events you can organise. Judging by the charts on, the most common tend to be:

  • Paintballing
  • Zombie apocalypse days
  • Yoga
  • Formal parties

All of the above are fun and fantastic ways of marketing and giving your team motivation.

Zombie days are the latest craze and they definitely aren’t for everyone. If you want to really stand out then horsedrawn carriage hire is highly recommended. 

The benefits of horsedrawn carriage hire

There are numerous benefits of hiring horsedrawn carriages for your corporate event. The main ones include:

  • It’s unique
  • Adds style and elegance
  • Attracts more people
  • Fun and memorable

One of the main goals of any business is to be unique. If you want to set yourself apart from the competition, you need to have a certain edge. The fact a horsedrawn carriage is unique and not used by many businesses will give you an advantage. You can use it as a marketing strategy and attract more people to the event. Advertising ‘horsedrawn carriage rides’ will definitely get more people interested in your event.

If you’re looking to impress potential clients then horsedrawn carriages will also help with that. They add style and elegance to your event; creating a more high-end theme. While the cost of a horsedrawn carriage isn’t cheap, it will be a long term investment due to the impression it leaves with your clients/customers.

The fun element is also something you can’t ignore. Corporate events can have the tendency to be a little dull. Hiring a horsedrawn carriage will liven things up and make sure your event is anything but boring. This in turn will keep your guests talking about it and that will generate even more interest in the company.

Businesses that do take advantage of horsedrawn carriage hire are clever and resourceful. It’s a well-known fact that people love horses. They represent power and strength which is something you want people to associate with your business. Having horses there will give your business a more important stature.

Overall, there are many ways to make your corporate event a success. Horsedrawn carriages are the topic of many excellent stories. They can really help to set your event apart from the competition. You can either hire the carriages to take people on rides, or simply to stay outside the venue to enhance the theme of the event.

Carriage rides are a great way to explore an area and they can be really fun too. Why not take a look at the cost of horsedrawn carriage hire today to see if it’s something your business could benefit from?


Investing in Gold by Collecting Gold Coins

Have you ever considered buying coins as a hobby or for investment purposes? If you haven’t, then you should start doing that now. Today, our bank and stock trading accounts are present online. Moreover, most of our purchases happen electronically. Nowadays, we hardly get to see our money as a tangible object. For this reason, buying and investing in physical or solid gold such as gold bars and coins gives you an extreme sense of satisfaction. So, how can you buy the aforementioned-gold and use it for investment purposes? Let’s find out.

Why Invest in Physical Gold?

One of the few investments that you can physically store, gold is able to preserve or increase its value over time. So, you can investment in gold by simply buying it. For investment purpose, you can buy physical gold such as gold bars or coins. Buying and investing in physical gold such as gold coins is a sensible thing to do due to the following reasons:

  • When other investments decline, gold tends to go up
  • Gold provides a defensive wall against inflation
  • Until you sell the it, you don’t have to pay tax on the gold you hold
  • If you want, you can keep your gold assets/investments a secret
  • You can use the physical gold owned by you buy and sell in case there’s massive currency devaluation or other similar adverse financial situations

The astounding increase in gold and silver prices has led many people to buy platinum, gold and silver coins. You can buy these investment instruments at a fair market prices form a reputed coin dealer. However, you should thoroughly research the dealers before buying from them as there are many fraudsters looking to sell you the coin for much more than it’s actually- worth.

Before you buy the coin from any dealer, find out as much about the dealer as you possibly can. To ensure you aren’t paying ‘more’ for the coin, find out how the price of the coin offered by dealer compares to the price to the coin offered elsewhere.

How to Make an Informed Decision

When buying physical gold, it is important to ensure that you’re purchasing the gold at a fair market price. By doing this, you’ll brighten your chances of making a profit on the gold in the future. Now, to make an informed purchase, you need to consider three crucial factors. The first is the actual cost per ounce of the coin, the second is the timely delivery of the metal and the third is the collector’s value of the coin versus the bullion value. By considering the aforementioned-factors, you’ll be able to make an informed purchased which in turn will help you make a profit on your gold investment in the future.

Collecting coins made from gold is a good way to invest in gold. Using the aforementioned-information, you can buy the coins in a way that allows you make a profit from your gold investment in the future.


How to Invest While Still in Debt

When you’re stuck in debt, the thought of saving money and investing some of it feels more like a pipe dream than a reality. But it’s important to have some money saved to cover unexpected expenses and life changes, even when you’re in debt. Plus, you’ll want to plan for the distant future, when you don’t have any more debt and you’re facing retirement. Though it takes serious planning and a hard look at your finances, you can learn to invest and save while still paying down debt.

Craft a Budget

When you’re in debt you need a good idea of your budget. If you’re living paycheck to paycheck, barely making those student loan or credit card payments, it’s time to take a second look at your budget. Your living expenses, like rent and utilities, are typically pretty similar from one month to the next. So are your debt payments, unless you look into a consolidation plan.

Check out your food and recreation budget for places to save. Do you really need cable, or can you switch to a cheaper service? For instance, Hulu won’t cost as much each month, but it’ll still give you access to your favorite shows. You may realize that you’re not budgeting as well as you thought you were, and you can free up a little cash each month to save. Even $10 makes a difference.

Earn Extra Cash

When your budget is already as trim as possible, it’s time to look at ways to earn extra cash. Many apps and online opportunities exist for turning your free time, your shopping, and even your junk mail into cash opportunities.

If you’ve got some room in your schedule, mystery shopping is a good, fun way to make some extra dollars. If not, try an app like iBotta, which will offer you rebates from many major grocery retailers on things you were already going to buy. Once you redeem a certain number of rebates, you can cash them out. Also check out InboxDollars, which pays you to take surveys and read e-mails, or Bing Rewards, where you can earn money just for using the search engine Bing.

Once you’ve earned some extra cash, you’re free to find investment opportunities that suit your risk tolerance and the amount of money you have available. Even savings accounts offer a bit of interest.

Use Your Employer’s 401(k) Option

An easy way to invest is to sign up for your employer’s 401(k) plan. Many employers will match the first few percent of your paycheck, which doubles the amount of money you’re investing each pay cycle. Check with your budget, and find room to part with between 3 and 5 percent of your paycheck each month. That’s typically the threshold for employer match programs.

When you’re not sure how to invest, 401(k)s are a good option. The financial planners who design 401(k) investments take into account when you’ll retire and invest your money accordingly. If you’re young, the investment is a bit more aggressive. If you’re older, the investment is safer. Plus, you don’t have to do anything to manage the investment.

Download Investment Apps

Image via Flickr by free pictures of money

Some apps make it easy for you to invest. For instance, Acorns links to your debit account and grabs your spare change every time you make a purchase, then invests that change into a portfolio. All you have to do to invest using your Galaxy S7 Edge from T-Mobile is download the app and keep an eye on those investments. With a fast 4G LTE network, keeping track of your Acorns account in real-time is a breeze. It’s only $1 a month while you have less than $5,000 in your account, which is far cheaper than any financial advisor.

Every time you have extra cash, it’s tempting to pay down your debts as fast as possible. Remember, though, that in order to plan for your future, you need to have some money saved and invested. It is possible to both pay down your debt and invest small amounts of money as long as you budget.

Money Management

Recovering From Holiday Personal Finance Mistakes

The holidays are over. Did you stick to your personal finance goals? Now it’s time to look at your finances and your holiday spending and evaluate how you did. Some of you will find that you were able to navigate the holidays successfully. Others will find that they used those credit cards or spent more than they should. If this is the case, now is the perfect time to start recovering from those mistakes.

Figure Out what Went Wrong and Plan for Next Year

If you did make some mistakes this year, figure out why it happened. Maybe you didn’t save enough during the year to cover your holiday expenses or maybe you bought things that you shouldn’t have. What will you change next year? Should you start saving now for the holidays? Take this opportunity to learn from your mistakes so that you can have a financially successful holiday season next year.

Create a Debt Elimination Plan

If you did use those credit cards, now is the perfect time to start thinking about how you will pay them off. Look at your budget and determine how much extra money you can use towards debt repayment. While you may not want to shave $100 a month off of your entertainment budget, this might be what you have to do to fix your mistakes. Remember, moments of indulgence will result in years of repayment and sacrifice.

Think About Returns

While no one wants to think about taking back holiday items, it is possible that you could make a few post-holiday returns to remedy your situation somewhat. While you can’t return gifts you gave out, you can consider returning items that you bought for yourself or your immediate family that you can’t afford. While it might not be fun to part with that new game system, it might help you learn to think before you buy in the future. Is it really worth paying 30% interest on something that you don’t need?

Now that the holidays are over it is time to start thinking about the future. Learn from your mistakes and pick the pieces if you did make mistakes. It is never too late to turn a new leaf and start making better financial choices.