Friday Night Likes

Friday Night Likes 5/21/10

Stadium LightsIt’s been a great week. I have a new look on the blog, How do you like it? More and more people are Getting Updates to my blog and Checking me out on Facebook. Thank you for reading and enjoying my blog, I really appreciate it. I’m going to be starting a semi-regular post this Tuesday where I’m going to be reviewing books, so I’m excited. Well, it’s the end of the week so time for some more Likes.

@MoneyFunk The Best Recycling Websites

I never know what to do with electronics when I’m ready to get rid of them and I don’t feel right throwing it out. This post gives some places you can check out to recycle those things, or pretty much anything.

@FMFblog A Rich Guy Tells How to Become Rich

This post goes over advice that billionaire Mark Cuban gave on his blog. He has some pretty good insights into becoming rich so I think I’m going to become a fan of his.

@Bargainr Adverse Action Free Credit Score Amendment

I don’t usually get into politics but this will be a great thing. If the bill passes, anytime you get rejected because of your credit not only will you get a free credit report but you will also get a free credit score. That sounds like a great thing to me.

@FreeFromBroke It’s A Drop In The Bucket

This is a great post about how things start out small, but over time they add up. I think it’s very inspirational.

@MoneyHighway Does Frugality = Isolation?

This post gives great tips on how to be frugal and social. Something I can definitely work on.

@GRSblog Busting the Myths: Why Coupons Are a Valuable Part of Your Financial Arsenal

This like goes through a lot of myths about coupons and dispels them. I’m a big fan of coupons and believe everyone should do it. It can really add up to a lot of savings.

@EnemyOfDebt Buy I’m Debt Free the Game, and Help Support Big Brothers Big Sisters

I’m writing about this again because it’s for a great cause. Brad is going to be donating 100% of the earnings with each game bought to Big Brothers Big Sisters. He has a goal of $300 in 3 months, but I think he can get there faster. Go to his blog and buy it. It’s a great game that will provide entertainment for a while and you’ll probably learn something from it. Imagine that, having fun and learning at the same time. Amazing!!! Anyways, go buy it :)


Do Something, Instead of Nothing

MuseumLast weekend I had an epiphany. You don’t really know you’re wasting your time until you compare a time waster with something that expands your mind.

I went to a museum last Sunday and paid $18 for me and my girlfriend. I said to myself “This sucks, I could go to a movie for this price.” But after going through the museum I realized that I spent 2 hours learning something cool, instead of watching a movie that would have wasted 2 hours of my life. I won’t say I jumped up and down with excitement afterwards but it was definitely better than a movie.

This led me to think of other things I could do that would be good for me, instead of wasting my life.

  • Read a book, instead of watching TV
  • Walk a trail, instead of laying in bed all day.
  • Go to the library, instead of playing Farmville all day
  • Volunteer, instead of playing video games

These are just a few ideas. When you’re doing something that’s a time waster, think about if you’ll remember doing that when you’re older. If you say no, then go do something you will remember. Do something, instead of nothing.

Can you think of other things to do instead of a time waster?


New Look and Carnival of Personal Finance

Canadian10_billIf you haven’t noticed I have a new look here. I thought this looks a little simpler, so i changed. There might be a couple of more changes, so be on the look out. What do you think?

Also in the news, check out the new Carnival of Personal Finance at Canadian Finance Blog because I have a post in it :)

Friday Night Likes

Friday Night Likes 5/14/10

Stadium LightsThank you everyone that has made a comment, Love ya. Don’t forget to subscribe to get updates on new posts and be sure to Like my Facebook page. Also, Feel free to Follow me on Twitter @FinanciallyPoor . Now on to the likes.

@Untemplater Why Shoot Yourself in the Back?

I’m a fan of personal development and believe that it can have a big impact on getting your finances straight. This first article is about not letting your established ways hold you back. It should give you something to think about.

@BudgetsAreSexy This is What Perseverance Looks Like

The post has a great story in it about persevering and shows that if you try hard you will succeed.

@Consumerist How Predatory Lending Works, From Payday Loans To Rent-To-Own and LucyPhone Stands In “Please Hold” Lines For You

The first post is a chart about how Payday lenders give you the shaft. The second post is a great service that actually waits on hold for you and calls you back to connect you when it’s your turn. It’s free for now, so get some use out of it.

@MoneyNing How to Overcome the Fear of Sacrificing

This is a great post on how to get into the mindset of realizing sacrificing something isn’t as bad as you think it is.

@LifeHacker Use Aluminum Foil to Keep Clothes Static Free

This is a great tip on using aluminum foil instead of a dryer sheet, which can save you some money.

@EnemyofDebt Buy I’m Debt Free the Game, and Help Support Big Brothers Big Sisters

Buy this game!! 100% of the money go towards Big Brothers and Big Sisters.

Friday Night Likes

Friday Night Likes 5/7/10

Stadium LightsI’d first like to thank everyone for telling me what you want me t write about. Tune over the next couple of weeks and I’ll be making posts about those topics. If you have anything else you want me to write about feel free to contact me.

This week there are a few more articles than the previous weeks, so let’s get on with the likes:

@MoneyCrush Do It Now

This article is about stop researching and start doing. If you keep looking into something but never start it, you’re just wasting your time. I do this with my programming hobby. I read and read but never start. The one thing I did jump into is this blog. If you haven’t taken the plunge yet, do it now.

@MoneyFunk Would you take a Lottery Lump Sum Payout?

When I was growing whenever I asked about this topic I was always told to take the lump sum because money is worth more now than it will be in the future. This article backs that up with facts and a couple of stories about what not to do with your winnings.

@MoneyCrashers 5 Financial Goals Women Should Set in Their 20s

I know I had a lot of financial problems in my early 20’s and I fixed them by doing these goals. So I’m sure there are some females out there that could be helped out with this info.

@MoneyNing Cash: The Greatest Bargaining Tool

This a great post on the power that cash has on getting discounts. Whenever I make big purchases I plan on using cash so I can get a discount. When companies run a debit or credit card they are charged about 1-3% so you can at least get that much off. Cash is King.

@SingleGuyMoney Pros and Cons of Being a Homeowner

I plan on renting until I get to the point where I’m ready to have kids because I believe it’s the best option to save money. There are just so many extra expenses that come with a house that I see no reason for me to own one until I feel like I need the environment a house brings.

@Consumerist BoA Debt Collector Tells You How Not To Be A Deadbeat and Better Marriage Blanket

The first article is great tips on how to deal and not deal with a collector. I find these to be very helpful.

The second article is about a product every married couple that are having problems should have.