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A safe really doesn’t have anything to do with this post but it was either this or a picture of a condom…I probably should have picked the condom.

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Sometimes there are things in life that we have to do but don’t want to do them. But since you didn’t come her to have me tell you to do stuff you don’t like, outsource those tasks. It’s easy and very cost efficient.

I’ll go into the intricacies of outsourcing another day.

Let me start off with an experience I had with outsourcing with 2 different companies.

The first company I started with was Elance.

I decided to hire someone to write content for one of my niche sites. Side note, in my experience, don’t outsource content to a country where English isn’t the first language unless you want to edit a lot. It is cheaper but it’s for a reason.

Anyways, so I had them write the articles and I had to have them rewrite several of them because they sounded horrible.

Long story short, I just accepted the rewrites even though they weren’t great because I knew it wasn’t going to get better, I gave them a low review, and then they gave me a low review. Awesome!

With that, for my next project I decided to switch to another company that I love and use now, oDesk.

Even though I use them I now, I still had a bad experience (which is what this article is about).

I wanted to get some SEO work done for this site (This experience is what made me decide to learn as much as I could about SEO).

One of the applicants didn’t have much experience on oDesk, but he was from Orlando, where I live, and he had a website for his SEO firm. So I decided to hire him and when he started working on it, I noticed on my site statistics that someone from Cape Town, South Africa visited several of my old posts.

A little bit later the guy contacted me saying he was done and sent a file over but it wasn’t the SEO, he accidentally sent me HMA which is an IP changer so it looks like you’re in a different country. He then proceeded to say he sent the wrong file and then he sent my the actual file and asked if I could pay him through PayPal instead of through oDesk.

Needless to say I put all the pieces together and I had an OMG moment when I realized I was lied to. Even at that point I knew a little SEO and knew that this was awful work. I did pay partially upfront, but because it was awful work and he asked for outside payment (which is against their terms), I reported him and ended up not paying the rest of the money.

Lesson learned, don’t hire people that don’t have any oDesk experience, interview them, and/or don’t pay upfront.

Fast forward to today and I’ve had several great experiences with them and love their customer service. Plus they have a program that takes pictures randomly of the screen of people working for you hourly, pretty cool.

The Point

Anyways the point I’m getting to is that recently they rolled out a new program called oDesk ID Verified.

It is currently only optional but contractors can submit a photo, photo ID, and utility/bank statement to become verified. That increases the amount of applications they can have active. It’s a great safety feature that would have helped out my situation with the guy from Africa.

I think this is a great program and will really help get better quality workers and less scammy folks.

So once again, oDesk pulls through. This is just another reason for me to use them, and I highly recommend them to you.

Who do you use when you outsource? Do you have a horror story? What are your tips for getting quality contractors?

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  • Outsourcing Just Got A Lot Better…

    Sometimes there are things in life that we have to do but don’t want to do them. But since you didn’t come her to have me tell you to do stuff you don’t like, outsource those tasks. It’s easy and very cost efficient. And now it’s even better!…

  • Hi Kevin,

    Great post… you really highlighted some of the frustrations that can come with outsourcing if people don’t go into the process both informed and prepared.

    Some other tips to getting the most out of outsourcing:
    – Make sure you are very clear and specific regarding what needs to be accomplished. This will help both you and the person you are hiring.
    – Make sure the compensation fits the level of work to be performed.
    -Do a self-evaluation of the experience (and if possible as the freelancer for feedback as well) in order to improve your outsourcing for the future.




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