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Who makes payday loans?

In the early days of cash and loans, most payday loan lenders operated out of small check cashing shops, back when the advance pay day loans industry was simply a side service of these shops. As the cash and loans business evolved over the years, payday loans lenders saw the huge potential of this market, and since then it has evolved into a national phenomenon. There was a huge flood of consumers wanting to take advantage of this product, and payday loans lenders realized they needed to change their businesses to focus mainly on these types of loans. People constantly find themselves in negative financial situations so the demand for small cash loans just keeps on growing. 

Today the largest, fastest and easiest group payday loan lenders can be found online, although this isn’t the only option. The majority of these companies also offer other services such as bill pay, money order cashing and check cashing services, but the main focus of these payday loans lenders is primarily on offering 24 hour cash loans

The online variant of quick cash loans with no fees has exploded as customers found that they could get their hands on the cash much quicker and more easily by filling out an application, than by walking into the bank. The banking process is a long and extensive one that can take days or even weeks before the money is there. With instant payday loans, the money can be deposited into the borrower’s bank account by the payday loans lenders in as little as one hour. The online process is simple and easy and as a result, the payday loans business has seen a huge explosion in its market. 

Banks have since realized that the competition of these instant payday loans businesses has grown to be very stiff, and they’re just now starting to act. As the bank loaning process was too long and extensive to compete with the small loan business that payday cash and loans and payday loans lenders are taking over, many banks have entered the market in a roundabout way, by offering loans to the payday loan lenders themselves, sometimes even joining into partnerships with them so that they can take over this growing niche. 

There are many other businesses that now offer payday cash and loans including title loan lenders, pawn shops and even department stores. There is also a growing number of standalone payday cash loans to meet the growing demand by people in need of these services. The online payday loans business has been taking off extremely well over the last several years and payday loans lenders have realized that the internet can be an extremely effective way to get people the money they are so desperately in need of. 

The business has evolved from a small side service of check cashing shops to a full-blown industry of its own, competing with banks and other lending institutions.

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