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How To Do Online Banking Safely

The internet is everywhere in our daily life. We can do everything online, like listening to music and watching movies. We can even buy anything online like a car or house. Heck, you can even meet your future wife online. Banking isn’t any different. These days online banking isn’t just convenient, it’s also safe. But it’s only as safe as the user.

Businesses are really hyping online banking. The only issue with online banking is the thieves that want to milk you out of your money. They’re a lot savvier than the old days of online banking. In today’s world, you can never be too careful with your personal information and trying to keep it from identity thieves.

The Holy Grail for a thief is getting a hold of your username and password. Once they get that, it’s free reign on your account. Never ever give out your username and password to anyone. That goes double for your bank. Your bank will never call you or email you out of the blue asking for that information. That’s most likely a scammer trying to take your money.

Also, be sure you come up with a good password. I highly recommend a program like last pass. It’s a password manager and it can create passwords for you so that they’re hard to guess. It’ll also save them for you so you don’t have to worry about remembering them. If you do get a call or email asking for your username and password, get as much info as you can about them and report it to authorities. Who knows, you might single handedly bring down a massive identity thief ring and get a movie made about you.

Another layer of protection is security questions. So even if somehow they are able to get your username and password, they’ll most likely miss the security question. You can use security questions like most people and just answer the question, or you can use it as a second password. Instead of just spelling your answer regularly, try adding in some numbers. That’ll help make the security of your account even better.

Online banking is the future of personal finance. It puts your banking at your fingertips. Just make sure you’re keeping the bad guys at bay. People are as clever as they’ve always been and are always looking for new ways to trick you. Just keep to the basics and you’ll be alright.

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