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My Recent Journey To Getting A Credit Card

Credit Cards, not always the best choice of tools for everyone. But I was in the hunt for one so that I can help raise my credit score and get on on track for a good credit history.

My past isn’t filled with the best credit, but those were my mistakes of the past and I was looking to start anew. I had recently looked over my credit report and noticed a couple of things that I decided to dispute and they were taken off. Because of that, I was able to raise my credit score 50 points. That got me excited about what I could do to get my credit score up.

My plan was to get the credit card and use it for wedding things because money is tight right now and this would help alleviate those issues. Yea, I know credit cards aren’t for your wants but I gave in this time. It’s not something that I’m planning to do indefinitely and I will be paying it off after the wedding. I could have received a payday loan but I didn’t want to go down that path yet.

So yea the credit cards aren’t helping my credit right now because I will be filling them up….but I only got a $300 limit, So it’s not really breaking the bank. But like I said, I’ll be paying it off once the wedding is over. After that time, I’ll be using it for groceries and gas, and then paying it off every month. That will both keep it active and we’ll earn a percentage back, so it’s win-win.

So what did we go for? We went with the Capital One Cash Rewards card. Why? Because they accepted my credit…and it has rewards. This is my first rewards card so I’m pretty happy about that and the fact that it’s cash and not points. I’m more of a cash man myself.

I looked all around to find where I could get it and there’s so many different places to go to. I decided to choose a credit card at to get different cards compared for me. It was pretty simple having it all in front of me and seeing which ones would work for my level of credit (which is pretty low…but rising).

Anyway, I’m happy with my choice and I can wait to get that money. I’m already at $3. Go Me!!

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