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How Would $1,000 Change Your Life?

energizer bunnyIf you were given $1,000 and could do whatever you want with it, what would you do? That much money could change your life. Would you just throw it away on a TV or furniture? Or would you save it? Just think about what that money could do for you.


If you put that money in a savings account, and add a couple of bucks a week, you would be well on your way to a great emergency fund. With an emergency fund you wouldn’t be forced to borrow money if you got a flat tire or you got sick and had to go to the hospital. How would that feel to you, knowing that if something unexpected happened, you would have something to fall back on? How much less stress would you have in your life if you didn’t have to worry about every little bump in the road? A little security will help you feel so much better in life. Although you could always apply for an online loan if you had to.

Energizer Bunny

Yea that’s right; I brought up an energizer bunny analogy. Think about it, if you had financial security in your life, wouldn’t you want to keep it in your life? That $1,000 would be the catalyst to start your journey to financial security forever. You would think about ways to keep that money by reading up on personal finance and starting a budget. That money would keep you going, and going, and going, to a better financial life.

You Can Do It

That reality is in your grasp. Just by putting a few dollars away each day will quickly add up to $1,000 and you won’t even notice that money missing. Every Sunday just put away $20. In a year you will have the security to not have to worry about bumps in the road of life and you’ll have the motivation to make your life financially better.

Sure, one year is a long time in your mind, but you’re focusing on the wrong part of this plan. Don’t focus at all on any aspect of this plan. Just do it! Put away $20 a month and don’t even think about it. Set up an online savings account and have it automatically transfer money there every Sunday. Why Sunday you ask? Once again, you’re focusing on the wrong part of the plan. It doesn’t matter what day. Any day is fine. But try to start on a holiday or a special occasion, so it’s easy to remember, and the next year on that same day check the account and you will have financial security start to grow in your life. If you don’t have a way to set up a savings account then every Sunday put $20 under your mattress. Just do it!

Then that little energizer bunny in you will want to learn all that it can about personal finance. I’d personally recommend reading this site but you can look anywhere as long as you look. Just do it!

How would $1,000 change your life?

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  • And that little amount starts to add up and before you know it, the $1000 is saved! Love it when the $$$ saving momentum picks up, too! Great post. :)
    .-= Money Funk´s last blog ..Book Giveaway – Where the Jobs are Now =-.

    • Thanks for the comment. Keeping that momentum going is what creates financial security.

  • I would divide it up. I would put some in savings, some toward paying off a debt and some for me to buy something pretty with =)

    I also do this with a budget monthly and I track it. This way i can make make sure I am saving and paying off debt. And, I can see how much I am spending on me!

    • Yea, it’s always good to buy yourself something pretty every now and then.

  • If I got the $1000 today I would purchase a plane ticket to attend a friends wedding in the middle east.

    If I was not in the market for the plane ticket the money would go straight to my student loan balance.

    • Paying down debt is a great choice

  • With my emergency fund poised to reach $1000 at the end of the week, I can attest to the difference it makes in my life. If I get a flat tire, I know it’s covered. I was able to raise my auto insurance deductibles to $1000, saving me $240 a year, because I could actually cover that much damage if I had an accident. I sleep well at night knowing I have protection – in cash, not on a credit card or from my parents – for when the unexpected happens. It’s one of the smartest things I’ve ever done!


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