Money Management

How to save and live frugally

According to the experts we have surely escaped from economic crisis. But to check if it conforms to the truth we only need to have a look at the typical family’s bank account. It is quite difficult to survive in these difficult times, but there are ways to make it easier for your life as well as for your budget.

Plan your menus and shopping

Living frugally also depends on you eating and shopping habits. It is necessary to plan the products you have. Before going shopping it would be nice to have a shopping list in advance. Plan out your trip and start with essential goods in your list. There is a huge variety of tablet and phone applications that will make your planning easier. You know your family’s primary goods which usually include: bread, dairy products, meat , seasoning, sugar and so on. You can make a menu for your meals for the week and decide what you need for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Think well if you are out of cereals, breakfast bars, or sweets. Make sure you will need soups and meat for sandwiches.

Try to plan out the menu for your big meal of the day, that is the most important. Thus you will know the meats, vegetables, and specialty items. Also you might try these tips to save a bit of money, instead of using short term borrowing for UK residents:

1. Don’t go shopping if you are hungry. Have a snack or you will start impulse buys.

2. Shop at the local market or with fresh farm stand. Prices for vegetables and fruits are lower and of better quality than at your grocery store.

3. Freeze your extra food. It is always tempting to order food on your busy nights. Instead you will have easy meals from your fridge. In addition, cooking the double batch is cheaper than cooking two separately.

4. Make your own stocks and broth. When you buy a blade roast, it is worth to save the bone to make a soup with later.
Include extras in your planning. Make a double batch if you are going to cook lasagna or casserole.

5. If you have a veggie loving animal, such as a bunny or a guinea pig, request your manager about damaged produce to feed pet.

Cents-off coupons

There are easy ways to save at the checkout. You can save money for your family shopping frugally. Couponing is a handy way to do it. A long time ago people had to wait for a Sunday paper and clip the coupon inserts before going to grocery store. Nowadays it’s much easier. Clipping is out of fashion when where are store savings cards and electronic coupons.

Get free

Presently there is a popular movement which is called Freecycle. It helps people in saving their money and keeping useable items out of landfills. This is a great global project that works locally. All you need is to sign up for your local Freecycle group and start interacting with other members. While you’re doing a general cleaning you might discover at least a dozen items you use no longer but they still have life in them. You contact with freecycle and report you have items to offer. On the other hand when reviewing the daily posts you might find something you need from someone else’s posts. This is all shared for free. You can find any item for your home or yourself and so much more.

These are only few tips. You can make your own research online. Your friends might give you some more ideas you had not had before. It is really possible to make your ends meet.

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