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Cutting Expenses in 3 Places You Might Not Even Notice

Spending less and saving more isn’t exactly most people’s idea of a good time. However, if you truly want to control your finances, you also need to control your spending. This means finding ways to build up savings. Luckily, there are a few places that you can cut spending and probably not even notice the difference.

Reexamine Your Insurance Policies

Insurance can be expensive. However, since there are many insurance companies out there, it can be possible to find lower rates on your existing coverage. Look at your policies and figure out what you are spending each month. By examining your policies you can determine if there are any ways to spend less. Often, savings are possible when you combine automobile, homeowners and other policies. You may also be able to switch to a lower priced insurance solution while still getting great coverage. Each insurance company calculates their rates differently, which means that some companies can offer better deals in certain situations than others. Consider using a rate comparison service to compare insurance rates and see if you can find some simple savings.

Lower Your Utility Usage

Turning off the lights and using less water can add up. You may find that if you focus on reducing your energy consumption that you will really notice a difference on your monthly bills. Consider turning off the lights more often, switching to energy efficient light bulbs or reducing the amount of time you water your lawn. You can also adjust the thermostat a little or put it one a timer so it doesn’t have to run all day. These little changes won’t affect your life much, but could result in a little extra money each month.

Buy Generic

Grocery store and other generic brands often work and taste just as good as their more expensive counterparts. Try a few new generic products and see how you like them. If they don’t meet your needs, you can always switch back to your favorite the next time you purchase this item. However, if they are just as good as the other products, you can enjoy their savings. Try a less expensive version of a couple products next time you hit the grocery store. Odds are you won’t even notice the difference.

These simple tips are great ways to spend a little less and save more without compromising. Often getting in control of your finances is simply learning to evaluate options more rather than sacrificing the things you love.

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  • We do try to buy generic because it does cost less. But some generic is not as good as a brand name. So just be careful compare ingridients. It doesn’t matter with some stuff but with some it does.

    • Definitely check out the ingredients and nutrition information! I ate mostly generics in college, because I had no money, but when I graduated I started comparing the nutrition labels to name brands-and in some cases, there is a big difference! I still use quite a few generics, but there are some I stay away from.

      Overall, good tips though! My husband used to think I was crazy for plugging things into power strips that I turn off at night, and obsessively turning off unused lights/appliances/water, but it saves us a few dollars a month, which adds up!

  • One more place I’ve learned about it reviewing you phone plan. Though I thought I had the cheapest plan available for two, when I called a few months later I was offered a plan that cost even less — from the same service provider. If you shop around with various service providers, you may find even better deals. There are also numerous possible providers for home phones if you opt for VOIP.

    • I always try to get the cheapest plan available for me. The only problem with switching is that you have to wait for your contract to be up.

  • Insurance companies make a killing, doing a little shopping around can save you tons. I like to shop around at the minimum once a year to see if I’m getting the best deal (and usually I’m not). They will happily continue to take that automatic payment from my account at a higher rate than their competition.

    • Yea, they take what they can get.

  • Thanks for the good points. Time of day utility billing is becoming more wide spread so it is also advantageous to try and use your electricity off peak hours to save more money.


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