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Budgeting Help – Where Did Your Money Go?

DeskEver wonder why you don’t have any money? It’s probably not because you don’t make enough. The only way to find out where your money is going is by tracking it. There’s a couple of ways to track your money, so take this budgeting help.

The most accurate way is to write it down. The only problem with that is to actually take the time to get around to writing it down. One way to solve this is to bring a small pad so you can write the purchase down right after you make it. I’ve never really been able to do this. What I do is use my debit card for most of my purchases so i can just look online and see all of my transactions. Then every other day I write down each transaction into a category like entertainment, eating out, or gas. This has been the best way for me.

Another way would be with a computer based accounting system like Quicken or online like, they are great if you need budgeting help. One down side is that it doesn’t always categorize your spending correctly so you have to be on top of it or it could mess up your budgeting.  Also, you have to be computer literate in order to actually use it proficiently.

I prefer the writing it down method the most because it allows me to control it without having to worry about something messing up my counting. Whichever way is going to get you to start tracking your money is the best way for you. Just start, and don’t wait until the end of the month because it will feel too overwhelming and you may forget about some of your cash purchases. At the least sit down at the end of each week to go over your transactions. There’s nothing wrong with asking for budgeting help.

How do you keep track of your money? Did you find this budgeting help useful?

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  • It is so important to keep track of your finances to stay on top of everything! I have used Quicken for years and love the product. I know many people use Mint, but I have heard that since Quicken bought the company, your accounts don’t update as accurately anymore.

  • I agree, most people who do not have enough money spend too much. Spending diaries usually make people aware of their spending habits.


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