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5 Ways to Cut Back and Save More Money

Although Americans have left recession behind since a few years ago, the true fact is that economy seems to be worse every year no matter what the government says. We try to keep an optimistic attitude every time we are told about the “good news” that seems so far from our daily lives, so it is important that we learn to cut back and save more money, because with the presidential election around the corner, the future of the U.S. economy is still unclear.

Cutting back is a good way to have more money in your pocket and less worries on your mind. By implementing simple actions, it is really possible to save more money than simply trying to put aside a monthly stash of cash that sooner or later we are tempted to borrow because there are times when it seems that there is not enough money to cover our minimal household expenses.

However, you can use one of these tips to cut back and save more money every month. Try them even if just out of curiosity and you will realize just how easy it is to get some extra cash.

Review your habits

First, review your spending habits that seem to be superfluous. For instance, if you buy a jar of instant coffee or a bag of ground coffee beans for your coffee maker every month, why then are you buying a cup of coffee every day at Starbucks? Cut back those coffee cups, sandwiches and foods that you can eat at home or take with you as a part of your homemade lunch. This could be a minimal saving at first, but after the first month you will find how much money you use on these items each month.

One thing that many people and families can do better is cut back on online payday loans. Payday loan rates can be very costly over the course of a short term loan. Cutting back on how frequent you go can save a great deal of money.

Be Practical

Similarly, stop acting with consumerism in mind and start thinking with practicability in mind. There is no reason to buy one or more bottles of water every day when you can have a refillable bottle at home. Once again, if you pay a water bill every month, why do you need to pay for extra water? If the water quality is the concern, save money by buying a water filter or take your refillable bottle to water centers where a refill is cheaper than buying a bottle at the supermarket or convenience store.

Cutting Back Cutting back on magazines, newspapers and TV cable services is another good way to save more money. Let us be honest, who in this world can see over 400 different TV channels a day? Not even in a whole month or year! You will probably have a dozen or less favorite channels so check for a cheaper package with just the basic channels or pay a channel on demand. Equally, if you do not time to read all those magazines and newspaper that are piled somewhere in your house, simply cancel the subscription and read the news on the web.

Energy Consumption Savings

Excessive energy consumption is bad ecologically speaking, but even worst for your pocket. If you cut back electricity expenses you will be contributing to the environment and saving money in a way that you never expected. How is this possible? Stop using household appliance such as the dishwasher and clothes dryer that consume too much power. Hand washing dishes is not that hard and hanging your clothes to dry under the sun may take more time but saves a lot.

Buy Generic

Another tip to cut back and save more money is starting to buy more generic brands for the items on your shopping list. Many people think that only renowned brand labels are quality, tasty or nutritious, but that is not the case. Renowned brands are known because they are advertised, but that does not mean that less known or generic brands are bad. In fact you will be surprised of superior quality and taste of some of them, but especially on the money that you can save this way.

Author Bio: Charles Hank works for an informational website that has great articles about payday loans. 

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  • I think we really have to learn why we spend on certain things and fix it in our head. It’s not easy to just stop something and it needs a real lifestyle choice in many cases. It’s taken me years to get to the minimal position I am in now and I still find myself falling out of it at times!

  • I am a firm believer that we can always give more and cut back more. For the individuals trying to cut down on spending, the best perspective to have is knowing you only need food, shelter, and clothing to function daily. Nothing else matters in the grand scheme of things.

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  • Actually, using the dishwasher vs. hand washing is more cost friendly than one might imagine. The key is to run it when it is full.


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