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5 Apps to Help Manage and Track Your Finances

Does the sheer number of apps available make your head spin? Don’t worry, here are the five mobile apps you need to keep up with everything financial. Many are free, and the paid ones are quite affordable. This list is composed of the top consumer rated apps, and those that are available on the most devices.

1. Create Expense Reports Easily With Expensify 


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Expensify is a powerful expense report app, which allows you to log all your expenses on the go and generate or manage expense reports. It can capture images of your receipts and even read them to fill out expense details for you. Expensify is capable of creating new expense records, or it can attach expenses to bank statements or credit statements you import.

2. Track Your Spending With the Mint App

Mint is one of the most versatile and highly rated finance apps available; the best part, though, is that it’s free. It tracks your spending for you, helps you create and stick to a budget, and easily manages all of your accounts in a single place. Now available for both the BlackBerry 10 smartphone and the PlayBook, Mint’s tablet version lets you create charts and graphs to easily see where your money is going.

Mint handles all types of accounts, including checking, savings and credit accounts. Mint is capable of categorising your transactions and has the unique capacity for helping track cash spending. The tablet version also allows you to view your finances offline. Passcode protected, it offers you the ability to shut it down if the device is misplaced or stolen.

3. Get on Top of Shopping Lists With Grocery Gadget


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If you’re drowning in lists, Grocery Gadget is your saviour. It keeps up with all your shopping lists (grocery, business, household, clothing, whatever), allows you to organise these lists and also keeps up with your coupons and receipts. The app isn’t free, but it does include a free web portal so you can use the lists and information on all your devices.

4. Find the Best Prices Around With RedLaser 


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RedLaser is a shopping app that helps you find the best prices available on any product you’re looking for. It works with online products, but does especially well finding prices in brick and mortar establishments. Though it doesn’t always provide you with information on shipping or applicable taxes, the app is free and is now available on smartphones that run the BlackBerry 10 OS.

5. Organise All Your Bills in One Place With Manilla


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Free for download, Manilla allows you to consolidate all your bills into a single place, so you can take it with you wherever you go. This app is ideal for frequent travelers, allowing you to see all your bills in a single glance. It even sends you email alerts when your due dates approach. Although Manilla can’t process your payments, it does allow you to log onto the website of your creditor.

These five apps give you the power to do everything related to money all on your mobile device, whether it’s for your business or just your personal finances.

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