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2010 Goal Check Up


You are just over the mid-point of the year! How do your goals look?

Because you are trying to be a financially responsible person with realistic-but-potentially unmet 2010 New Year’s Resolutions about getting your finances in order, it is now a good time to assess your progress to see if your goals have been met, how far along you are with your program, or if you need to re-commit to financial health at this time, which is approximately the mid-point of the year 2010, when you should be making progress on your 2010 financial plans!

Here are some fresh steps you can take when evaluating the progress you have made during the past 7 months. Look at your goals with an eye to deciding what was an effective change in your financial life, and where you would like to see additional change and growth in the remaining 5 months of this year.

Evaluate Your Record Keeping

You have learned that effective records are the main tool that you can use to chart your financial progress. Are you keeping accurate track of the money flowing in and out of your life? Are you pleased with what you see? Decide if any changes need to be made in the methods you are using to keep your finances on track.

How Is Your Budget Coming?

Are you able to stick to it? How are you coming with curbing impulse purchases that do not show up in the line items but which blow the budget out of the water when allowed to continue unchecked?

How Are Your Savings Goals?

Are you sticking to the savings percentage that you decided on in January? If not, why? Was it reasonable in the first place, or too optimistic? What can you do to get yourself on track?

If you could say anything to yourself about your current financial life, what would it be?

What ongoing steps do you see as possible when planning your changes?

What sort of “Buy-In” to these changes will you need from the important people in your life?

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  • If I could say anything about my financial life, it would be that it’s quite boring. Everything is steady eddy, and there are no shocks in the system, for which I’m grateful.

    But, I realize one day there will be a bump in the road, and for that, I must mentally prepare.

    • Yea bumps aren’t anything to hope for unless it’s a bump in the up direction

  • I agree with Financial Samurie, it’s just very steady going at the moment. No risky investments, no excessing spending just seeing the pennies build up :)

    • Slow and steady wins the race. That’s what I always say….well someone always says it.


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