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Why Won’t Money Buy Happiness?

Big BubbleWe’ve all heard before “Money can’t buy happiness”. But why? Why can’t having everything you’ve ever wanted to buy make you happy?

Are you happy now? If not then nothing you ever buy is going to make you happy. Sure going on a shopping spree will make you feel happy in the short term but in the long run you’re just going to go back to your unhappiness once the high wears off.

What you need to do is look deep down inside and find out the root of your unhappiness and it’s not because you don’t have enough things.

I believe the best way to become happy, when you’re unhappy, is to think positive or to talk it out with someone who will tell you like it is.

Always looking at the bad side of things will make even the happiest person not happy. If you really always have to complain about something then you really need to do something else. Why are you doing something that makes you that unhappy. Instead of complaining about it, do something.

I was really unhappy with my old job and finally just got tired of complaining and looked for a new job and found it. Now I’m extremely happy and would never look back. Sure I gave up a possible promotion in the near future but I also gave up stress, which I would give up anytime.

Would you rather have modest money and be stress free or a billion dollars but would have to be stressed out everyday (and there are things money can’t stop from stressing you out so don’t let that affect your decision)? I would choose modest money all day and night. Stress is really not good for your life or your family’s life, so cut it out.

Happiness is an emotion that’s deep down inside of you. Money will make a fake happiness for a little bit but eventually the unhappiness deep down inside of you will come out.

If you’re always unhappy, try changing something that you feel is causing that unhappiness. There’s really nothing to lose because doing that will either make you happy or keep you unhappy. So you have a lot to gain and little to lose.

So take action and change your unhappiness!!

I changed jobs to become happier, what have you done to become happier in life?

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  • Money buys peace of mind and that brings a lot of happiness to many.

    I think starting Yakezie.com and coming up w/ the Yakezie Scholarship vertical has made me happy. Whether the Scholarship vertical succeeds or fails is a different story. But the idea of trying to help others is rewarding.

    • I do agree with that, however there are a lot of people that despite having money will still be happy no matter how much money they have whether it be because they are in an unhappy relationship or just have an unhappy mindset.

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  • Why Won’t Money Buy Happiness?…

    We’ve all heard before “Money can’t buy happiness”. But why? Why can’t having everything you’ve ever wanted to buy make you happy? Are you happy now? If not then nothing you ever buy is going to make you happy….

  • When one is paying too large a portion of their income to debt servicing, they may feel hopeless.
    Money enough to get rid of that black cloud can certainly bring a sense of relief that will improve one’s life. Less stress, less family tension, etc.

    • yea, if that’s your only problem then money will help you. It’s those that have other issues that money will have no permanent influence on.

  • I did the same thing. I gave a up a stressful job that could have lead to a higher pay, moved to a warmer state, making less money but it was totally worth it!

  • If you can get yourself into the comfort of middle class living, keep in mind that the longer and harder hours you’re putting in to climb the ladder from this point on probably won’t make you any happier.

  • I don’t think money buys happiness.

    However, I think that:

    1) Money can help avoid unhappiness – there are many problems in life which lead to unhappiness that are fueled by money problems

    2) Money can enable happiness – whilst buying things won’t make you happy, having the freedom to spend your life how you choose, rather than slaving away for someone else to earn a salary will definitely lead to happiness.

    I’m the same as you. I changed jobs (from a corporate position to running my own business) in order to make me happy. Without having a sufficient amount of money behind me, there is no way I could have made this move and improved my happiness.


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