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Who Is A Financial Freedom Guerrilla?

Do you want to live a life that doesn’t involve having to worry about how your next bill is going be paid?

Do you want to do what you want to do, when you want to do it without having to worry about how you’re going to pay for it?

Do you want to live your life doing what makes you happy and making money doing it?

A Financial Freedom Guerrilla is someone that says yes to all of those questions, and wants to fight for it.

In order to get that life you have to want it more than anything else! You have to know that what you’re doing today is setting up the rest of your life. You need to fight for what you want! It’s not enough to say what you’re going to do, you have to do it!

Become a Financial Freedom Guerrilla and fight for your dreams because you can achieve them and you will! Join me in that fight and I will lead you there. I will give you everything you need to accomplish your goals.

I want you to be a Financial Freedom Guerrilla and I want to see you reach your dreams. We all have them, but most of us lose them as we get older and get content. I say no more! There is no reason, nothing at all, that should stop you from reaching your dreams.

Only you have the power to stop you! I want to help you get over yourself and succeed where you used to fail. Follow me to Financial Freedom! I will lead you there but you have to follow and take action.

Sure, you can just sit there and read what I have to say. And that’s what I used to do. But I came to the realization that sitting down isn’t going to get you anywhere. I want you to stand up, stand up and follow me. If something is stopping you, just ask me for help. If you need more than written words to get you going feel free to get some extra help from me.

Join me in the fight and sign up for weekly updates so you don’t miss anything. Plus, every now and then I’ll give you a chance to win a little something something to help you out.

Fight for what you want because that’s what life is all about…..living your dreams.

What do you want to fight for? Are you going to join me in the fight?

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  • I like your attitude. I’ve often felt that the entire world was conspiring to take all my money. Now, I realize it’s only PART of the world :)

    But feeling cornered did give me a “succeed or go down fighting” attitude that served me well when the alarm went off at six o’clock many mornings. When I’d had only three hours of sleep because I worked a second job, and now it was time to go work some overtime at my day job.

    It also served me well when I decided not to spend money buying what almost everybody else spends so much money on. I made do with a small apartment and an eight year old car.

    It kept me reading books from the library, from Amazon, and from Internet marketers on how to make money — and keep me at the computer when I should have gone to bed.

    I’m in a much better position now, though I still haven’t quite achieved my dream of living in a tropical paradise.

    Better to fight back than wear a “kick me” sign on your back. No matter how poor your finances are now, you can do something to improve them. It isn’t fun to reduce your expenses, pay off debt, work harder and longer than everybody else you know, to invest for income rather than watching Jim Cramer, so you can’t brag to your friends — but in the end it’s worth it.

    • Sacrifice now will lead to big results later

  • I’m definitely going to fight for it. It’s going to be rough and definitely not going to be easy, but it’s going to be worth it!

    • Absolutely, enjoy the road less traveled.

  • […] to write my plan out, you write yours, and we will go through this revolution together.So become a Financial Freedom Guerrilla and keep coming back to see how the revolution is shaping up and what you can do to win the […]

  • I am a Freedom Guerrilla.

  • This is a great article. I am also writing articles about financial freedom. If you may allow, I am posting a link (you can remove it if it is not ok with you):


    This article is all about our “Allies to Financial Freedom”.

    Thank you in advance! I hope you will allow my post. More power to your site.


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