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Thursday Quick Tip: Quit Smoking Today

I just want to give you a quick tip today that will affect your health as well as your wallet. Quit smoking.  Yeah, I said it, quit smoking.  It can add up to quite a bit of costs now as well as in your future.  Think about all of the money you spend each week, month, and year on smoking.  It is a lot of money that you could use toward debt or even vacation.  That would be pretty nice wouldn’t it?

And in the future when you are in the hospital because you need help breathing, its not going to feel too hot then will it.  Also it will cost you a huge chunk of change just to live.  So stop.

Smoking also affects your loved ones because they don’t want to see you on your death bed.  It is going to hurt them a lot when they see you suffering because you wanted to smoke. Next time you take a puff, think about your future loved ones or your loved ones now that are going to suffer because you wanted to relax a little; it just isn’t worth it.

If you do want to continue smoking, let me know in the comments below why you are making that decision and maybe we can converse back and forth a little.  You may change my mind or maybe I’ll change yours; we’ll just have to see.  This week’s quick tip, stop smoking.

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  • Emphysema is what happens. You can quit and start clearing your lungs before it is too late. If you do not quit you will have to carry a breathing device to help get the oxygen you need for the last 10 years of your shortened life. You cannot go places because it is hard to walk because you cannot breathe. I have seen too many relatives and friends suffer for years, and then die young. It tears at your heart to watch them suffer. So before it is too late, do think of those loved ones who will miss you.

  • When you quit from smoking, you do not only save money because you are not buying cigarettes anymore but also because you do not need to visit your doctor and buy medicine due to illness caused by smoking. Quit now before it’s too late. I did, you can!

  • Problem with quitting smoking its easier said than done. What are some of the things you guys did to quit? I have tried so many times and have failed miserably each time. I get through 1 day of not smoking and I start getting cranky, and even the cigarette butts on the ground start looking good to me. LOL

    I run several business that give me a lot of stress. I have used stress as my reason to keep on smoking. Really want to quit but its so damn hard!

  • I have a friend who was a real chain smoker, but we just met again recently and discovered he was clean for almost a year. He said he had Hypnosis therapy, i didn’t know Hypnosis is a good treatment for smoke addiction.


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