This 1 Question Will Change Your Spending Habits

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When I was a child I was very curious. I always asked questions about things. One show I used to watch called “The Adventures of Pete & Pete” had a great episode. In it one of the characters, Ellen, kept asking the question “Why?” As kids we’re always inquisitive. What happened to that? Why don’t we ask ourselves that question more often?

I’m a big believer that everyone can control themselves. Granted sometimes it’s very hard (ex. drug addiction). But mentally,

  • You decide what to think
  • You decide if you’re going to get upset if someone cuts you off in traffic
  • You decide if someone talking bad about you is going to piss you off (excuse my French)
  • You decide if a little rain is going to ruin your day (Literally and figuratively)
  • You are the master of your mind

No one can control it unless you let them.

Next time you decide you use a credit card to buy an outfit because it looks good on you, but you don’t have the cash, or decide to get a payday loan like on this site, ask yourself “Why?”

  • Why do you keep buying clothes that you don’t need?
  • Is there something inside of you that says you need a new outfit to feel good?
  • Why do you need to spend money to feel good?

That’s a bad outlet to get a high. Instead, learn to love what you have. Make a list of things you’re happy about. Make a list of things you love. Make a list of things you’re proud of.

In the end I think it’s boredom that causes this. If you weren’t shopping what would you be doing? Watching TV; talking on the phone; surfing the net. While these things are entertaining to do, they are just that, entertainment. Find a hobby that will be more fulfilling. Perhaps sewing?

If you’re living paycheck to paycheck, or are heavily in debt ask yourself why? Be honest with yourself and don’t blame others. If your significant other spends all of the money ask why? Why don’t you talk to them about it? Why don’t you compromise? Why don’t you say no? Get to the root of the problem with you, then you can solve the problem you have with others

Just ask why?

Do you ask why?

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