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Start Decluttering Today

Decluttering your home can be a hard thing to start. Thinking about it can become overwhelming because it’s such a big project. You know you need to start, but how? What are the first steps to take? Having the right mindset before you take on such a big task is the first thing you need to do before you get fed up and quit like always. Try these pointers to see if they can help you beat the monster that keeps scaring you away from decluttering.

  1. Paint a Picture. How do you picture your home when it’s not cluttered? What sacrifices will you make to make this picture a reality? What are the reasons that you don’t like your house cluttered?
  2. Be Positive. It’s easy to say that you’ll never get anything done because it’s just too much. Stop saying that! People declutter all the time and so can you. It’s not rocket science. Just start and know that it will take a while but once it’s done you’ll be a lot happier and you’re dream of a clean house will become a reality like you’ve always wanted.
  3. Are You Guilty? Are you holding onto items because you have emotional baggage? Let it go and you will have a lot of weight lifted off of your shoulders. Do you have a lot of emotional items in a place like StorageMart? Go through them and get rid of the items that are holding you back from happiness.
  4. What’s stopping you from organizing when you get something new? What do you do with new mail? What do you do with extra pieces to new things you buy? Make a special place for all of these things and anything that tends to pile up. If you probably won’t need it for 6 months then get rid of it. You can buy anything on the internet and you probably won’t even have to because you’ll buy a new one of those items before you have to replace a part.
  5. What’s Your Way? We all have our own way of doing things. I like to work on something for an hour and then break off to something else after that time, even if it’s not completed. It helps me break up the boredom of decluttering. Yes it is boring but you can make anything fun. How do you like to make cleaning/decluttering fun?

Once you’ve thought over these points get started, visit Ready Set Maids in Houston for tips, make it clear for yourself: it’s time. Failing is never starting something that will make you happy in the end. Start today!

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  • Kevin, Your way of decluttering is actually the way professional organizers recommend! I love to declutter and organize. Makes me feel lin control

  • Boy your post really hit home. I have about 4 inches of paper work on my desk – enveloping my laptop. Guess what I’ll be doing for the next hour!

  • I like thinking about decluttering in spaces. So tackling a drawer, desk, room helps me feel accomplished. Starting out small and snowballing into a bigger project.

  • Great post! This is informative. Thanks for the guidelines it really helped me a lot.

  • Tough list and questions to answer but at the same time interesting list as well. Decluttering is really a great stress relief because it helps us clear our minds and be able to function well.


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