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Don’t Let Yourself Drown in a Sea of Financial Stress

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Turn on the news, read the newspaper or talk to a friend.  There is no avoiding talk of financial trouble these days.  It can get kind of overwhelming.  Many are wondering how they are going to pay their bills.  Times can be especially stressful for those trying to find work.  How can we manage financial stress in these uncertain times?

Control What You Can

Financial Stress can be especially difficult as it can seem that nothing is in your control.  Sure you can’t make your employer give you more hours or fix the economic troubles that surround us.  However, you can control some things.  You control over how you use your money.  You can pay your bills on time to reduce late fees.  You can choose not to use credit cards for everyday purchases.  Choosing to control your finances puts you in a position of control.  This will lead to reduced stress.

Organize Your Life

Think for a minute about your bills.  Where do you keep them?  Many people simply have stacks of unorganized bills and financial papers.  This can also increase your stress levels.  It can be difficult to know how much money you have, what you owe and what you have spent.  Take a few hours and organize your finances.  Knowing where everything is will do wonders with helping you control your stress.

Don’t React

Stress can cause many different reactions in people.  Some shut down when they feel overwhelmed.  This can lead to missed work and lower wages.  Others choose to shop their stress away.  This leads to high credit card bills and financial trouble.  When you notice that financial stress is leading you to destructive behavior stop it.  Make yourself choose to pull through the stress rather than letting it destroy you.

Enjoy Simple Pleasures

Times are tough.  From the look of things, this isn’t going to change any time soon.  Find ways to enjoy simple and inexpensive pleasures.  This can be very relaxing.  Throw a movie night.  Go for a walk.  Play with the dog.  Watch a sunset.  Make a great dinner.  The options are endless.  Take time out of your day to de-stress and do the things that you love.  Learning to enjoy life in spite of financial difficulties will help you to weather these difficult times.

How do you make sure to not get stressed out about money?

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  • Funky design, I like it.

    You are absolutely right people have to keep control of what they can and stay calm to get through the storm.

    Personally I am trying to detach myself from the economy by going more minimal and relying on less ties to money in general.

    • Thanks. I tend to try to stay away from monthly payments for things so If I were to ever lose an income stream I don’t have to worry about having to make so many payments each month.

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  • Don’t Let Yourself Drown in a Sea of Financial Stress…

    Turn on the news, read the newspaper or talk to a friend. There is no avoiding talk of financial trouble these days. It can get kind of overwhelming. Many are wondering how they are going to pay their bills. Times can be especially stressful for those …

  • Great post – the simple pleasures are often the best memories!

    • Yea, I like to sit down sometimes and just remember the good things in life. It’s very relaxing.

  • Nice tips. I would add take one step at a time. Many people overwhelm themselves with trying to tackle everything all at once.

    • Very true. Taking on too much can have an effect you weren’t looking for.

  • These are great tips no matter what is causing the stress. I’ve gotten better at handling stress as I’ve gotten older. I realized my work isn’t life and death situations.

    • Exactly. If it can’t kill me, it shouldn’t stress me out.

  • Great list! It’s inspired me to post something tomorrow. Dealing with stress is a big one for me since I’m digging myself out of a debt-hole and finding financial independence. While living a long way from home and working 4 jobs. It is an interesting process…

    Ya know, it always has to be the simplest things that are so difficult to master for so many … especially the simplicity one!

  • I use 1/2 ans 1/2 in my coffee every morning! sometimes with a drop of almond flavoring, just like the coffee houses! That is the luxury I started allowing myself when my husband first got diagnosed with the kidney/liver disease less than a year before his double organ transplant. A small thing that was SO luxurious and made me feel like a million bucks when I really needed it! It IS the little things in life that we allow ourselves that make it all worthwhile. That and a good hard laugh!

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