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How To Start Doing Anything

Starting something new is always a tough task, especially if it’s something that can change your life dramatically. Starting a fitness program, a business, a budget can all be tough for you to imagine.

It doesn’t have to be because it’s easy to actually do those things but you’re holding yourself back by saying you can’t do it. Well I’m here to tell you that you can do it because other people have done it and we’re all human. Here are three reasons why people don’t start and I’m going to tell you how you can break through those walls.


You don’t know what it’s like to do something so you always assume the worst. Well turn that around and imagine what will happen if you don’t start. Nothing that’s the worst thing that will happen if you don’t start. You’re going to be in the same position you are in right now. Nothing will change for the better or the worse. How much of a life is that? That’s not living, that’s the same thing as sleeping. Wake up and face your fears because what’s on that other side is a lot better than what you’re doing now.

Once you start getting over your fear then you will be so used to it that you won’t fear starting as much. It get’s a lot easier over time.

Fear is a part of life. What I did to get over it was to think about all of the past things I started, no matter how little, and remembered how it turned out. Well I’m still living today and not in poverty so I don’t think it turned out as bad as I thought it was.

You have done a million things in your life and now it’s time to put those experiences to use and actually think about what happened after you did them. Your first date, first time you rode a bike, learned how to surf the internet. It was daunting at first but you got through it to live another day. That’s pretty much everything in life. You will get through it and the worst thing that will happen is that you’ll end up where you’re at now.

Lack of Knowledge

“I don’t know if I know everything to start.” That’s what I told myself before I started this blog. You know what? I didn’t know everything and that’s after months of reading as much as I could. But I learned a lot more from actually starting this blog than from reading how to start it.

I do recommend reading up on what you want to start but that will only take you so far. Actually starting and doing, will give you the most knowledge. Right now you don’t actually know what questions to ask but once you start you find questions to ask and expand your knowledge so much more.

So start doing and you won’t be lacking knowledge

Lack of Money

Starting something new can be an expensive endeavor but that shouldn’t stop you from doing what you want. There are many ways to get money or cut back so you don’t need so much money.

Bootstrapping is one of the best things you can do and that basically means doing everything yourself and using what you have already to its maximum.

The internet is filled with info on how to do things on the cheap so that is going to be your best source for money saving ideas and even free stuff.

There is a site I found recently where it’s a community type of funding and I thought it was rather interesting. It’s called IndieGoGo and it’s a really great way to get your project funded.

The last way to get money would be a loan through a bank or some other type like peer to peer lending through Prosper.

The point is there are plenty of ways to get money but make sure you actually need that money because a lot of things can be done for next to nothing. So be sure to look around for any alternatives if it’s going to cost you a lot of money to do something.

Get Started

The main thing is that you start and the rest will be gravy. Of course there will be times when things aren’t going right but that’s life and you’ll get over it and get back on the horse. Life goes on so don’t let one setback ruin everything. Keep on keeping on.

Let me know what has stopped you?


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    Starting something new is always a tough task, especially if it’s something that can change your life dramatically. Starting a fitness program, a business, a budget can all be tough for you to imagine….


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