Kick-Ass Weekend Reads

Kick-Ass Weekend Reads – Learn To Understand Edition

Happy Saturday!!

I’ve had an interesting week, with my truck breaking down and hunting for my next place to live.

Life will always have it’s adventures and set backs. You just have to keep working through it, because they’ll always be there.

If you haven’t yet, be sure to sign up for my Do What You Want eCourse. There’s a lot of information in there that will help you find your passion and take it to the internet to make some money off of it.

Don’t Overthink Life! Think Less and Get Happy, life is too short to overthink. Just jump in and enjoy the world.

Right before I started writing this post I watched the video Extreme Lifestyle Experiments- My TEDx Talk.

I recommend you watch it if you want your life changed. It’s really motivating and if you follow what he says, you’ll have a more fulfilling life…so watch it!

I’m a big fan of interviews because people have a lot of knowledge that can be let out so much more easier when asked vs. when they have to tell.

Listen to How to Become a Freelance Writer and take some notes. If you love writing, start making money from it.

This is just so cool. Living Room- The Ultimate Interior Decorating Gadget. Imagine seeing what your room will look like before you decorate. Maybe I could use this at my new place :)

Now once again, to bring the theme together, make sure you learn to understand or you may regret it. Watch this.


Enjoy the weekend and try something new.

Remember to Live Your Passion!

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