Kick-Ass Weekend Reads

Kick Ass Weekend Reads It Is My Birthday. Edition

Well, my birthday was yesterday but close enough. I’m finally 26 and almost over the hill :)

Anyway, I’ve been a lot of great feedback from my Do What You Want eCourse. It’s packed with information on how to start Living

Your Passion and making money doing it. It’s free…so sign up now.

The second Yakezie writing contest has begun. I helped narrow the field down so you know they’re all going to be quality. Go vote now!

The fact that Salaries top out at 40 may be hard to swallow but maybe it’s the push that you need to start working for yourself and to Do What You Want.

The truth is Don’t Be So Concerned About Money That You Miss Life. Life is way too short to let money get in the way. Do What You Want and making money is sounding a lot better now isn’t it?

Learn Why it’s Important to Teach Personal Finance to the Next Generation. To stop the cycle of overspending you have to start with the youngins.

You can have 4 Extra Hours a Day- Television’s Impact on Our Time. It’s hard to wean off of but it will be so much better for your life.

Now to the cools stuff @BitRebels

The Geeky Etch-A-Sketch Computer

Adult Toys- Take A Peek Into Their Private Lives Probably NSFW but hilarious

Extreme Rock Paper Scissors- 4 New Throws To Spice It Up

It is my birthday. so enjoy

Remember to Live Your Passion and have a great weekend!

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  • Happy Birthday! Now get busy discovering the cure for cancer (love the office.).

  • Over the hill @ 26! Wait till you hit 30 and your body feels aches from trivia task.

  • Happy bday Kevin. Congrats on the success you have to date at such a young age.


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