The Swing Trade and Options Course at Warrior Trading

As a full time small business owner, I find that my time is very limited. I have no ability at this stage to learn how to trade full time, even if I wanted to. I have been a swing trader for many years and handle most of my own investments for retirement. I am smart enough to know that I don’t know everything, and that is why I am constantly on the hunt for educational opportunities that will bolster my own trading skills and knowledge. On one of these hunts I came across Warrior Trading.

What is Warrior Trading?

Warrior Trading is an education based trading chat service. These are pretty common on the web and are a dime a dozen it seems. What impressed me about Warrior Trading was their professional website, emphasis on education and the fact that they also run a dedicated stock trading news website called Warrior Trading News. My thinking was, let me take talk to these guys for a bit and hang out in their chat room to see what their system is like. They do post a transparent trade log on their website for both day and swing trades. This gives you an idea of their accuracy and average win or loss. I decided to try trading with Warrior for one month at $85 (15% discount code is given to new subscribers). The nice thing about Warrior Trading is their pricing plans are quite simple and straight forward. There is no tiered pricing. You get everything at one price. The swing trade alerts via email, text and chat, swing trade and day trade watch lists, all of the educational content on the website excluding the courses. Jeff only trades high relative volume liquid stocks, usually mid to large caps. What that means for us part time traders is, we don’t have to chase his alerts. In the watch list, he tells us where he is looking to get into the trades, where his stop loss is and where he will add to his positions. It doesn’t get much easier than that to follow.

The Swing Trade and Options Course

After a few weeks of trading in the chat room on and off, and following Jeff’s swing alerts, I was convinced that he was on to something. I researched the trading course and found that it was truly unique. At $799 for 5 days and nearly 10 hours of material, there is nothing else out there comparable in price for what you get out of his course. I was a Trade-Ideas user already, and was delighted to find out that he gives out his $1k swing trade scanner package free to all swing trade course students. The course comes with an 80 page PDF course book so that you can easily take notes and follow along, highlighting key points. There are sections covering options, fundamental and technical analysis, risk management and chart reading as well as how to identify entry and exit triggers for each trade you are considering. The options section was particularly valuable to me as I had never really understood them. He breaks down options in manageable and understandable chunks. Once you learn the basics of options chains, Greeks and strategies, he tells you how he uses options for some of his trades and more importantly, why.

The Day Trade Course

Having seen the chat room posting amazing wins the great majority of the time using the infamous “Gap and Go” strategy that Ross teaches, I am convinced that I need to make time for myself to take his course next. It is such a simple strategy to learn and usually results in $500-1k gains in the first 20 minutes of the trading day. That is something I could do before I go to work. After that, I would just focus on the swing trades and alerts the rest of the day. Similar to Jeff’s course, Ross also provides a large PDF course book with all the details of the course. His class lasts 3 weeks and covers everything you could need to know to trade like a warrior.

Both courses are live and streaming, and as a student, you get access to every previous archived course and ALL future live courses. Once a student, always a student. So, as the market evolves and material changes, you have the opportunity to keep coming back for new live courses or just view the archives when you have time. All in all, Warrior Trading is a great setup and a great community for new and experienced traders alike. The moderators are all easily accessible for questions via email, Skype or by phone. Everyone is willing to help everyone and more importantly, they are profitable.

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