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Transforming Your Window Dressings without Spending the Earth

The property television shows might be big on major retrofitting projects at the moment, but something that often goes unnoticed are window dressings. From the occupier’s perspective they not only shape the appearance of a room, but also control the amount of natural light and heat that comes into it. Then, from the outsiders, there’s that elusive curb appeal that we all seek to satisfy.

Fortunately, you don’t have to invest ridiculous sums into improving your window dressings. While some of the modern types can be costly, you can improvise and still net a window to be proud of, with really nice tips from agencies like Northern Lights Exteriors etc.

On some occasions, the industry itself helps you with this. It’s no secret that natural materials are, and always will be, big. Wood for example always has been in fashion, and always will be. It just looks classy and everybody knows that it’s a premium material that’s just appreciated.

The problem with wood and blinds is that they are expensive when combined. Genuine wood blinds are pricy and as this article is focused on budget action, we certainly wouldn’t advocate investing in a set. However, the industry has adapted and launched faux wood blinds, which look practically identical. They also offer the same durability benefits, so if you are looking to create that premium window dressing there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t opt for the little brother of genuine wood.

Another development in the blinds industry is insulated shades, or other forms that aim to effectively lock the heat in a room. Suffice to say, it’s pretty smart technology and you will be paying more for them than your standard set of blinds. Therefore, it’s time to improvise. In essence, all these shades are doing is layering up the room – using a cellular design to achieve this. While you can’t exactly mimic this exact shape, you can combine your blinds with curtains to enhance your room’s thermal properties. Curtains certainly don’t cost the earth and if done correctly, can fit perfectly with a set of blinds.

You don’t have to target blinds or curtains though – you can look to tinker with the glazing itself. This is more an appearance-related tip, whereby the purchase of decorative films really can make it look unique and perhaps quirky. These films are inexpensive to purchase and can again transform your window dressing without significant investment.

Already, it’s becoming clear that window dressings don’t have to cost the earth to fine-tune. While some technologies are priced extraordinary high, you don’t have to go the full length and can improvise to create a brand new dressing.

However, through all of these decisions you should take into account exactly what you are looking to achieve from your new-look window. If you are looking to boost its energy efficiency properties, it’s sometimes better to make that higher investment and experience the big savings for years to come. If it’s just the appearance you’re looking to influence, take short cuts as you please. Guess, time to find the best roof colors for any home now, another money-saving post coming.

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