Home Ownership

Solve Your Financial Worries with a Home Equity Release

Financial worries are something which plague many of us. This is particularly true at the moment, when the housing market is struggling, employment opportunities are still low, and borrowing is at an all time high. Many people are finding it hard to make ends meet, with some fearing that they may lose their homes.

Even those who own their own homes are worrying, with many fearing that they will not be able to keep up with their mortgage repayments or utility bills. But for these people, help is on hand. If you own your own home, even if you still have an outstanding mortgage, you are what’s known as ‘asset rich’, no matter what your income.

Making the Most of Your Assets

If you are ‘asset rich’ – that is, if you are a homeowner, rather than a renter, then you may be able to convert your property into much needed cash. This is known, in the broadest sense of the term, as an equity release.

Strictly speaking, anyone who decides to release equity from their home will continue to live there afterwards. Equity can be released by taking a second mortgage, or by any other route whereby the value of your home is used to generate income.

However there is another way to release equity from your home, and that is to sell your property outright.

Selling Your Property in a Stagnant Market

Whilst selling your home may sound like a great idea, many people have already tried to do so and have come up against the problems inherent in a stagnant housing market. These include, falling prices, a lack of buyers and undesirable / unobtainable mortgages.

Luckily, there is a solution on hand. The House Buyer Bureau – www.housebuyerbureau.co.uk – can buy your house quickly, and for cash, no matter what state the market is in.  

What Is a House Buying Bureau?

A reputable property buying bureau, such as The House Buyer Bureau, is a professional organisation with experience in buying properties in many locations, and in varying conditions. The main benefit of using a bureau, rather than an estate agent, is that there are no fees to pay, and no waiting around. So if you need to sell your property quickly, in order to free up some much needed cash, contact The House Buyer Bureau today to find out how they can help.

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