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Six Tips To Saving Money In Every Aspect Of Your Home

Home, it’s where the heart is and it’s where you spend a lot of time. You want your home to be a relaxing and happy place where you can come home from work and put your feet up.

Instead, for a lot of people, home is where you come back from work to find bills you need to pay and messes you need to clean up. Pretty much, you come home from work to work.

While bills can be a pain, there are many things you can do in and around your home to help you save some money and some time. From organization projects to ways to cut the bills back, here are some things you may want to try in your own home to make life just a little more tolerable.

Start With Organizing Your Bills

There’s more to planning a budget than just writing down what you owe and what you have coming in. You also need to organize your bills. Sometimes you have extra bills that aren’t always on the budget plan, like that magazine subscription you just had to have.

Start off by making sure you have a place to keep your bills, and that it is someplace visible. You don’t want them to be out of sight, out of mind. On top of that, always make sure you open all of your bills.

One things that may help is to set up automatic payments, and then just keep a list of what comes out when so you make sure you don’t overdraft your account. Not only does this guarantee bills are always paid on time, it cuts down on waste in your home by going paperless.

Once your bills are all organized and you’ve done the whole budgeting thing everyone does each month, you will be able to see where you could, or should, cut down on expenses.

Cutting Down Your Monthly Expenses

Once you know what bills your have coming and compare that to your income, you can decide what things need to go and what needs to stay. Obviously everyone needs food, shelter, heat and water, but are there ways you can save on those things?

To save money on the electric bill it helps to be more energy efficient. That doesn’t just mean changing your light bulbs though. look for energy efficient appliances when it’s time to invest in new ones. Also, don’t leave things plugged in all the time if you are not using them. They’ll continue to draw energy.

Saving money on the heating bill can be as easy as keeping the heat turned down and bundling up a little bit more when it’s chilly out. You can also have your insulation checked. Good insulation helps hold heat in your home allowing you to keep the thermostat lower.

It’s a similar thing with air conditioning. Only run it when you need to, like when the sun is at it’s highest. Have windows open on cooler days instead. Keep shades closed so the sun doesn’t heat up rooms. And, of course, cook on the grill often to save from heating the stove up.

Saving On Entertainment In Home

If you have a high speed internet service, you may be able to cut out cable all together. Learn more here about some of the high speed internet services that are available. With a good service you can have Netflix and HuluPlus to watch your favorite TV shows and movies.

Look for services that don’t have any hidden costs for using too much bandwidth, which is something you’ll do using things like Netflix. But you’ll go from $30 or more for cable packages to under ten dollars a month for a streaming service.

In order to stream without watching on your laptop or home computer, you will want to invest in a WiFi ready BluRay player. But with that you can also save money on entertainment by purchasing DVDs and BluRay discs when you see a good sale, instead of spending theater prices.

It’s pretty easy to save money on bills if you just take some time to do the math. You may still have a messy house to clean when you come home from work, but at least you’ll have less bills to worry about and more time for fun with your family.

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