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Who really gives the best deal on insurance for businesses?

This is a guest post by Tara Kynaston

Russian-accented rodents, moustachioed opera singers, karaoke cartoon women; we’re bombarded with advertising images urging us to check this and compare that in order to get a better deal for insurance. But how do we know we’ve really found the best deal? Last year the Office of Fair Trading published a report into price comparison websites, having reviewed their practices. They found no problem with the way they work, but respected consumer magazine Which? has highlighted ways in which such sites can be misleading, particularly the way that they collect commission from the providers of products and the fact that these sites do not necessarily cover the whole market. Direct Line being is one example of a high profile insurer who actually highlights its absence from price comparison sites as a selling point.


Dan Moore, a senior money researcher for Which? believes that many people who use these sites: ‘…think that all products are considered and that the results are presented on merit alone…(which) leaves them at a potential disadvantage.” According to Which?, consumers are suspicious of price comparison sites with only one in five saying they trusted sites like, and to get them the best deal.


Comparing the comparers


Comparison sites are undoubtedly convenient, but when it comes to getting public liability insurance and employers liability insurance for your business, how can you be sure you’re getting the most cost-effective quotes? Firstly it would be a good idea to visit more than one comparison site – and not just the ones with the big advertising budgets. By comparing comparison sites you can get a better idea of the variations in quote. The market of public liability insurance and employers liability insurance is quite specialised so it’s also worth checking out sites that focus more on insurance for business.

There are some extremely competitive public liability insurance UK quotes out there and searching online remains the quickest, most convenient way to sniff out the best deal. But it pays to give yourself the biggest overview you can before making a final decision, so that the competitive public liability insurance quotes you find really do provide you with the widest range of options and, eventually, the best deal for your company.

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