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Where to Open Spread Betting Accounts

Spread betting accounts present another clever and innovative way to grow your investment from the ground up but selecting one that is well capable of helping you realize decent gains is not a fairly straightforward proposition. For starters, there are a lot of scammers on the market who are looking to take advantage of inexperienced investors in order to cheat them out of their hard-earned money. 

The true secret to being successful with spread betting accounts is to go with the established names in order to be sure of where you are putting your money. Trust the collective group of worldwide investors when they say there is no need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to spread betting. In fact, you would be more prudent to go with the wisdom of the many who are more likely to have come through the same conclusions as to which ones are the best spread betting companies via various means, avenues, and references. 

If you are inBritainand looking to open spread betting accounts to take advantage of the favorable spread betting environment, then you might want to check out brokerages like City Index and IG Index. These two companies are widely considered to be institutions in the field of spread betting haven’t spent a good number of years playing the odds in the market and developing strategies to help their clients come up with the best bets for success. City Index has been in business since 1983 while IG Index dates back to 1974 and both of these companies also have substantial clientele in other countries other than Britain. 

Other notable options for opening spread betting accounts lie with ProSpreads and Capital Spreads which are fairly recent when compared to City Index and IG Index but have shown a remarkable knack for delivering profits to their clients. These companies have also answered the need to be more accessible through various mobile outlets that help clients monitor transactions down to the minute so they also feel that they are engaged very step of the way. 

Again, remember that you can never go wrong with opening spread betting accounts with established names in the business. With their wealth of experience combined with their strong reputation as evidenced by the many investors who put their trust in them, you can be certain that you are playing the winning hand when it comes to spread betting as an investment. 

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  • Whilst I agree with most that is written here I do disagree that the best way to make money in spread betting is by going with well known names. I have found that in my experience the bigger names;
    1. Don’t guarantee a return on your investment
    2. Won’t give you a substantial return on your investment when shorting in the market
    3. Due to the fact they are a recognisable name in the market and more likely to see fluctuations due to media influence (see facebook)


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