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Top 5 Expenses You Can Do Without

With the economy in a crunch, we could all use a few less expenses these days. Purchases that may seem like necessities in your life can be cut out to save hundreds of dollars each year.

  1. Water

Yes, you do need water to live. It accounts for nearly 70% of your body. But, guess what? You shouldn’t be paying any more than your water bill for this life necessity. Bottled water may seem like a safer and more convenient option, but it isn’t any better than good old tap water.

If you insist on filtering your water before drinking, a better investment is a faucet filter. Keep a durable water bottle handy when you need a thirst quencher on the go.

  1. Home Phone

With all of the social media options out there, there is no reason to have a home phone. These days, most people rely on their cell devices for all phone use, which will save a few hundred dollars a year.

  1. Gym Membership

Did you vow to lose some weight this year? Was your first step a gym membership? In the beginning you were a faithful member working out every day, but now you can’t remember the last time you went. Ditch the membership.

A run, walk, or bike ride through your neighborhood or nearby park can be just as effective, and it costs nothing. As with any workout, whether at a gym or outdoors, consistency is the key factor, not a membership.

  1. Paying for Checks and Postage

If you have a bank account, you shouldn’t have to pay for checks or regular postage. Most banks now have some form of online banking with bill pay. This service should be offered free of charge and will allow you to submit bill payments electronically. Your payments will often be processed faster and it will cost you nothing to have it sent on time.

  1. Expensive Habits, Smoking, Drinking, etc.

This one is a good idea, not only for your wallet, but for your health as well. Many self damaging habits are also very expensive over the course of a few months or years. What better time than now to stop a harming habit? Whether it’s smoking or drinking, try to reduce your consumption if you can’t go cold turkey. It could add years to your life and hundreds to your bank account.

It’s impossible to cut every expense, and sometimes things get out of hand. When they do, consider payday loans to avoid late fees.

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Comments (8)

  • On expense I can live without is pay day loans. I’m disappointed to see a personal finance blog promoting them.

    • I’ve done several posts about payday loans and my feelings about them. They can be used responsibly and they do help out people in a bind. Can they be used wrong? Yes, but so can a checking account. Before I knew better, I overdrafted my account in order to pay bills. That cost me $35 for every charge that went through. So if I bought a pack of gum and went into the negative I would pay $35. Anyone do the interest rate on that? My point is that everything can be used the wrong way, but that doesn’t mean you should take it away from people that use it the right way.

      • I didn’t realize there was a *right* way to use a pay day loan. Where I live they are quite expensive and generally treated as a last resort for people who don’t have a cash cushion to fall back on.

        I’ll check out your other posts. Perhaps you’ll open my mind. :)

        • Nope. Not convinced (Sorry!) But I love your idea of paying yourself a fee if you have to dip into your cash reserve. I’ll going to try that next time I make a mistake.

  • We have a Brita filter in our refrigerator that has saved us so much money on bottled water. No home phone, but I do have a gym membership I’m putting to use. My only expensive hobby/habit is my job haha.

  • These are all great tips. We started keeping a container of water in the fridge instead of buying cold bottle water all the time. It really has cut down on the drink expenses. We even bought a few metal drink bottles from dollar tree to have water on the go.

  • This is a great list of unnecessary expenses, and I love how water is at the top. It amazes me how much people pay for bottled water. Often times, the price is more expensive than gasoline if you look at the cost to volume ratio. As for gas, I am taking steps to move away from my dependance on this expense because a bike ride or short bus trip is just as efficient and I don’t have to worry about vehicle troubles or gas station stops. And as for gym memberships, I’m not one to work out much but when I do, a good run over the course of a few miles and maybe some push-ups and I feel great. As for why people pay a monthly fee to run or lift weight is beyond me. Thank you for sharing!

  • I definitely agree about the gym membership… to a point. I live where winters are horrendous therefore running outside is not an option. I always kept my membership year round because I didn’t want to have to pay an activation fee and sign a contract. I realized in my area there is a gym you can sign up for 4 months at a time. Now I can go for the 8 months of winter (awful, I know) and run outside for the 4 months of summer.


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