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“Save Up” Tips for International Phone Cards

If you have relatives living abroad, then you most certainly know how important international phone cards are towards keeping your phone bills low without limiting or sacrificing your ability to stay in-touch with the people you love. Of course, every now and then, Facebook can help you tide over the loneliness and give you a sense of connection to loved ones but in the end, there is no replacing the value of a good phone call.

Still, even with international phone cards, there is no denying that your phone bill costs are still relatively higher than you would like. Even with a Nexgen phone system for small businesses and included long distance calls to write off, the delicate balance of homeyness and economy is difficult at best. Given the tough economy now, you would certainly want to continue trimming your expenses down while still keeping the perks that you hold dear.

For this, here are a few tips to help you save even as you use international phone cards to keep in touch with your loved ones wherever they may be in the world.

  1. Start by comparing the rates of the international phone cards available in your area. The best, and easiest, way to do this is to divide the total purchase price for the cards with the total minutes on offer. Suppose you have two cards, one that sells for $12 with 100 minutes and another that sells for $7 at 60 minutes; a quick and simple comparison gives you two cards that offer 12 cents/minute and 11.5 cents/minute. All things being equal, you should go with the card that offers more minutes per dollar.
  1. Try the PC-2-Phone app, which will allow you to make calls all over the world at low rates from your PC.
  1. Some cards require a connection fee while others bake it into the “per minute” rate. Check your international phone cards to see which one is it. If you frequently call loved ones, this is the perfect setup for you as the connection fee is fixed and the “per minute” rate is significantly lower than other cards.
  1. Another consideration that is oftentimes forgotten is the rounding system for the calls. Some international phone cards round your calls up to the nearest minute while others do it to the nearest 3 minutes. The smaller the round up increment is, the better it is for your purpose.
  1. There are also international phone cards with a maintenance fee requirement. This typically applies to cards that get automatic deductions just because you are in possess of the card. It works much like a “membership fee” in that a charge is automatically deducted from the card after a “billing cycle”. If you use up your cards quickly, maintenance fees are okay as it is very likely that you have zeroed your card before the fee kicks in. For longer-term use, make sure to select cards that do not have a maintenance charge.

There are so many things you can do to make sure that your international phone cards are keeping you connected to your loved ones without costing you a lot of money. By paying attention to these tips, you can be assured of saving more from your phone bills even as you continue to keep that precious and valuable time you spend with loved ones over the phone.

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