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Make sure your guests’ belongings are covered by your contents insurance this New Year

For many people New Year is a very busy period and a time when things such as contents insurance are the last things on their minds. It’s a time for seeing friends and family, parties and having guests to stay at your home for fun and festivities. 

But ironically, it’s at this time that you might want to think more than usual about your contents and home insurance. Because you’re not only likely to have increased the value of your own belongings – with the addition of new Christmas presents – but you also have all your guests’ belongings to consider too. When they’re staying at your house, do you know if your insurance policy will cover their possessions?

The right contents insurance can help to give you and your guests extra peace of mind – and help contribute to a fun New Year’s. The first step is to check your insurance policy and see whether it covers guests’ belongings – and what value it covers. If you don’t have a policy, you can easily look online to get some contents insurance quotes. After that, it’s worth thinking about how best to look after the items in your house and, especially, how to help safeguard them from burglaries. 

It’s a sad fact, but the Christmas and New Year period tends to be a prime time for burglaries. Thieves know that the value of items in a home can increase at this time with all the gifts that are given and received – and even the items bought in the winter sales. Add to that the long dark nights and the fact that most people are more relaxed and probably out of the house more often, and you can see the potential opportunity for thieves.

So when you leave the house empty – especially in the evening – try not to make it too obvious that it’s unattended or that you have people (and their possessions) staying with you. It’s a good idea to set some lights inside the house on a timer. If you have more than one of these, you can set them to come on at different times so it appears people are moving from one room to another within the house.

Also, don’t make it too easy for thieves by leaving windows open or doors unlocked – and avoid leaving a key outside for someone else. When you have guests it can sometimes be convenient to leave a key under the front door mat, but this could be asking for trouble. It’s the first place a burglar will look. Also, it’s good to secure bins or other items that thieves could use to climb up to a first storey window.

New Years is the perfect excuse to have fun with friends and family. But in the run up to this period, it’s really worth taking a few minutes to check your insurance policy has you – and your guests – covered. Halifax offers contents and home insurance policies, all designed to help give you peace of mind. To find out more about Halifax insurance, visit their website.

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