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Keeping up productivity with an efficient office

Everyone in business knows that to maximise profit, your staff need to be running on full and being as proficient as possible. But how exactly do you ensure that?

Well, an efficient office is a happy office, so the general idea to have a work place that is easy to use, well lit and well organised.

This is also a key method to bringing in potential new employees that you want to join your business, with two thirds of workers believing that the working environment has a significant influence on whether they accept a job or not.

First things first, the layout of the office is vital; the choices in furniture as well as its placement can have a big effects on those working and it can be important to make sure that little or no furniture is built-in. Allowing the furniture to be moved will enable the office to evolve in result to expansion and new workflow initiatives.

This leads into the need for storage and the ability to be able to plan where things such as documents or computer hardware is kept. Knowing what needs to be nearby, as well as being easily accessible saves time and stress when it comes to finding an important document. There is no point in having items that get used daily out of reach and behind other items that will have to be moved each time.

Although it sounds obvious, filing systems are a great way of ensuring documents stay where they’re supposed to and it can be surprising how some companies fail to recognise the importance of such organisation.

All documentation should be separated into their respective categories and to minimise this system, anything that can be digitised should be placed on CDs, DVDs or hard drives.

A greener office also makes for a happier environment and it is imperative to have as much natural light entering the office as possible to increase concentration levels, with the use of lights being as restricted as possible unless the weather outside is being unkind.

Having a clean and refreshing office also makes staff happier; nobody likes being in a stuffy room on a hot summer’s day, so a good aircon system will do wonders for team spirit, as opposed to those becoming tired because of the strenuous heat.

Possibly the most general and most simple strategy in keeping a productive office is to keep it clean. Little marks on walls and baseboards might not be immediately noticeable but make the room seem closed in. One of the best tips for cleaning baseboards is to wipe scuff marks with a magic eraser. It’s quick and makes the room appear a lot more open. A bit of housekeeping at the end of the day to tidy workspace, keep clear of clutter and anything that is unnecessary being in the room is easy and quick.

About the author: Sam Bisby writes for who offer offices to rent in Manchester.

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