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How to conduct a sales conference call

Sales representatives are an integral part of any company as they are the ones that interact with the customers on a daily basis which result in closing deals that will provide revenue for the company. Most of the employees in the sales department of any company are usually out in the field and report back to the office only when necessary or if there is a meeting that they have to attend. However, this is changing with some employers turning to conference calling as a way of conducting meetings with their sales representatives in whichever part of the country that they may be located. These conference calls ensure that the employees do not have to leave their work stations for the meeting, but just schedule to be available at an agreed time and date.

A conference call for sales representatives needs to have an agenda and it should be adhered to because most of them are usually time constrained and want to get the information from the meeting an act on it before their competitors. The conference calls can be used to achieve a variety of objectives such as trainings, market research, operational meetings, and sales presentations among others.

The sales representatives need to identify themselves at the beginning of the conference call so that every participant is aware of who is part of the meeting and can address them by name. Furthermore, the designation of the participants is vital when there are questions or inquiries that are directed to them.

In case the free conference call involves the use of presentations then the moderator is supposed to inform the participants of any attachments that might have been sent to their e-mail addresses in advance so that they can all be looking at the same presentations while discussing issues during the meeting. In addition, the moderator should be able to balance the flow of information between the participants so that everyone is allowed to speak and put their point across.

Teleconferencing has its benefits that include the elimination of travel expenses as well as the time that will be taken to have all the sales representatives at one place. Furthermore, more savings can be reaped form the fact that documents and presentations are sent electronically thus eliminating the need for printing. Overall, when summarizing sales conference calls it is important to talk about the way forward in the sales process.

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