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Freelancers of Today are the Bill Gates of Tomorrow

Times are tough everywhere, but some places have been hit harder than others. Jobs have been cut, wages frozen and businesses are winding up by the day. For some this may mean financial ruin but for those with a ‘can do’ attitude and a set of skills, it is possible to take an idea to heights never before imagined. Just look at the where Bill Gates is today and to think it all began with a concept and a garage.

The point is, don’t get discouraged if you have been made redundant because of cuts in the company you have been working for these past several years. Their loss can be turned around to your gain. After all, you have a set of skills, a good mind and a motivating drive – survival! However, don’t let that be the limit of your ambition. You may have an immediate goal of finding work as a freelancer, but set long term goals as well.

Too many workers from both the public and the private sector begin to despair when they have been to interview after interview without finding a new job. Despair can be your ultimate downfall and remember; it doesn’t take much to set your sights on higher grounds. If you are tired of answering to someone else’s rules and know that it was your expertise and insights that kept a company going, use that to your advantage.

Freelancers of today really can be the Steve Jobs and Bill Gates of tomorrow. It takes having a vision, motivation to succeed and some good old fashioned hard work. There are no promises that your business will be an overnight success, but with the proper attitude, sound business principals and a good accountant, you can make your mark in the world of commerce by taking the first step as a freelancer.

Bio: The Nixon Williams team of specialist contractor accountants offer comprehensive accountancy services to freelancers, contractors and interim managers throughout the UK. 

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  • I’d suggest making a list of what you’re good at or skills you think might be of value in the freelance community. For example, I write online as a freelancer and have a few gigs on Fiverr for administrative assistant-type work doing mail merges, etc. Those are skills I have and tasks I can complete from home.


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