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Extra Income: 4 Powerful (and Free) Ways To Promote Your Website

Congratulations. You’re about to discover four simple ways to get your website/blog noticed. These methods are easy to implement, and will help you establish authority, get more traffic to your site and ultimately make you more money.

As social media continues to grow – Facebook and Twitter have roughly 606 million users combined – there are countless ways to get in front of your audience.

The following post outlines four simple ways to help your website stand out in the expanding world of social networks.

Ready to get started? OK, the first steps is to…

Become An Expert

If you’re already an expert in your field (e.g. degrees, work experience, etc.) you still need to build your online presence so you are perceived to be an expert. After all, there are probably thousands of people with similar credentials, and not everyone can be the expert.

Think about it: Dr. Phil = self-help, while Dr. Oz = health expert.

Sure, there are plenty other doctors out there, but these two are widely recognized as leading experts in their respective fields.

Now let’s move this online. AskTheBuilder = home repair, while ProBlogger = advice on blogging.

How did they do it?

Simple: they created high quality content AND shared it with as many people as possible. Many people looking to increase their authority focus solely on content. They believe that – like the movie Field of Dreams – if they build a website, people will come.

Which is sadly not the case.

Fortunately, there is an easy way to share your content across every major social network. By creating a free Pixelpipe account, you can send your Tweets, Facebook updates, blog posts, bookmarks and video submissions to over 100 websites… all from one simple interface.

So let’s say you wrote an interesting blog post. The next step would be to mention it on Twitter, promote it on Facebook, bookmark it, etc.

This can eat away at your efficiency. But with Pixelpipe, you can submit it everywhere with just one mouse-click.

As word spreads about your content via social networks, the next step is to…

Identify Your Biggest Fans, and Reward Them

Which is suprisingly easy to do.

Simply type your company’s name (or website, or product, etc.) into Twitter Search, and see what people are saying.

This helps you find your biggest and most vocal prospects, as well as other influential people in your market. Once you’ve found them, engage with them in a meaningful way.

For example, let’s say you run a dog supply company. You could use Twitter Search to find 50 people who frequently tweet about dog supplies and offer them one of your best products for free. Alternatively, you could offer them a special discount or to test a new, soon-to-be-released product.

But beware: do NOT under any circumstances ask for a positive review. Chances are, if someone gets your product from you for free, they’ll happily share it with others. And that is much, much more powerful than talking about your product yourself.

Selling your own product, however, should be the first step. You can easily increase your income if you…

Provide Transactional Advertising

TrialPay helped revolutionize marketing online with transactional advertising, which can help you make more sales and increase revenue per customer.

Here’s how it works: let’s say someone wants to buy your product, but they’re hesitant to pay full price for it. Using TrialPay, you can offer them your product for free as long as they buy a related product from top brands like or Netflix. Once they make a purchase, they receive both products and you receive a commission from the top brands.

It’s a true win/win/win. Customers get more for their money, advertisers acquire new customers, and you make more sales. Plus, the companies you’re promoting may actually pay you more money than what your product sells for.

For example, let’s say your product sells for $27, and pays $37 per new customer. That means you’re customer pays $27 and receives a free product, and you make $37 on the deal. Not bad, eh?

Now I’ve saved the easiest for last, which is…

Gain Traffic From Local Directories

If you’ve got a local business, be sure to include it in as many local directories as possible, including Yelp, MerchantCircle,Angie’s List,SearchLocal,Yahoo! Local,,Google Local Business Center,andSuperPages.

Each of those sites let you list your business for free.

Now you could just list your site and leave it at that… but why not take it a step further? Once your site is listed, contact your super users and/or past customers and ask them to post a review about you on those sites. That way, you (hopefully) gather a number of favorable reviews, which adds social proof to your business.

But remember: do not ask for favorable reviews. Ask for honest reviews. It will be much more powerful if it’s written honestly.

Making extra income online is possible. You just need to create something of value, and share it. These four tactics will help you do just that.

Now get to work!

About the Author:Adam Costa is the author of Business In A Backpack, which explains how to run online marketing campaigns while on the road. He is a business consultant who helps small and midsize firms create high quality marketing materials, fromsell sheet printing to brochures.

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  • Thanks for the tips, I never even knew about Twitter Search. Great information.

  • Nice tips. I have some loyal commenters that I’m going to be sure to reward. I wouldn’t be where I am if it weren’t for them, and they deserve a treat.

  • I will try some of your suggestions. Facebook and Twitter sound great, but what if I don’t have any followers?

  • Nothing like being rewarded for something that you were going to do any way such as reading and commenting. I have to really look into Trialpay, this is the first time I am actually hearing of this service.

  • Awesome tips. Way to practice what you preach. Thanks for the valuable info!


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