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Don’t put yourself out of pocket paying care home fees – you could claim it back!

If you or a relative has a serious, long-term health condition, you could qualify for NHS Continuing Healthcare. This means the NHS must fund the full cost of your care, including accommodation and nursing costs if you live in a care home or pay for nursing care at home. 

To qualify for continuing care, you must have a ‘Primary Health Need’. The NHS is legally obliged to provide a full care and funding package for anyone over the age of 18 who has a Primary Health Need resulting from disability, accident or illness. 

Continuing care is not means tested, so anything from your income and property, to your assets are not considered during the assessment process. The eligibility criteria only relate to your health needs. 

Paying for care either at home or in a care home can be extortionate. People with progressive conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, dementia or multiple sclerosis (MS) often face the prospect of needing long term care over many months or years, with costs spiralling to over hundreds of thousands of pounds over time. 

All too often, seriously ill people are having their savings eroded and are being forced to sell their homes to pay for care that should be funded by NHS Continuing Healthcare.

Unfortunately, many people are wrongly denied NHS funding, and many more could claim money back for care fees they have already paid. 

Cheselden, an online continuing care service can help you. With their assistance and expert advice, they will help you: 

  • Reclaim any wrongly paid care fees
  • Have nursing home fees refunded
  • Avoid care home fees altogether

Cheselden is here to help people either reclaim care costs that should not have been paid, or avoid paying nursing home fees in the first place. They are committed to dealing with all continuing care cases fairly and correctly, so that eligible patients get the refunds and/or on-going funding they deserve. 

To find out if you are eligible for these service and for free impartial services check out the Cheselden website. 

Bio: This blog was written by Cheselden, an online continuing care service that helps you avoid care home fees.

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